Responsibilities Before Your Appointment

Below is ​a list of things you are responsible to do before your appointment:

1.  Write down questions ahead of time. We want to make sure that are covering all your concerns. So, be prepared with questions to make sure you get connected with all the resources that UWB has to offer.

2.  Review your Degree Audit (DARS) in your myUW portal.  Read “The Key to DARS” to learn how read a DARS report.

3.  If you are considering switching majors and/or adding a second major look at the Undergraduate page to learn about all the possibilities and explore around to have some ideas to discuss with your advisor.

4.  If you are considering adding a minor look at the Minors & Certificates page to learn about the requirements and possibilities to discuss with your advisor.

5.  If your appointment is about enrollment for the next quarter it is helpful to have a list of classes you are thinking about enrolling in. You can search class availability, days and times on the Time Schedule.  During your appointment for enrollment we will discuss what classes to enroll in and then you will enroll on your own after the appointment

6.  If you are on academic probation please review the section about Academic Probation to learn more of what is expected of you.