Faculty and Staff

Warren Buck


Joint appointment with Science & Technology

B.S. Math, Morgan State University
M.S. Plasma Physics, College of William and Mary
Ph.D. Theoretical Relativistic Nuclear Physics, College of William and Mary

Email: wbuck@uw.edu


I enjoy teaching and learning with students; and, I treat each student individually no matter how many students are in my sphere of classes and learning. In my life, I have had the benefit of great teachers and mentors at every stage of my development; even though, there were times when I did not recognize they were there until afterwards. This personal history feeds my desire to share knowledge, ways of thinking about knowledge, with students to grow and develop more wisdom about our little planet, solar system, galaxy, and Universe. I continually seek to build connections as well as seek to uncover existing connections previously undetected. I mentor undergraduate and graduate students. In addition, I have mentored and have supervised Postdocs as well as professors.

Recent Courses Taught

From Fall 2006 through June 2008, I taught physics in the Physics Department at UW Seattle: Intro physics with calculus and an undergraduate research course. In my career (that includes Hampton University, William and Mary, Stony Brook), I have taught nearly every physics course normally taught to undergraduates as well as to graduate students.  I have also had the opportunity to teach watercolor painting outside of academia.


I am pursuing the overlaps of physics and visual arts more and more.  This is an exciting new field for me and I am looking forward to going deeper into it here at UWB.  My physics has mainly focused on theoretical high energy nuclear physics using Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD) and relativity.  But I have also done research on cosmic rays, anti-matter, and wake field acceleration.  Recently, I have delved into solar system exploration of NASA spacecraft.  My art has been focusing on ways to express the plethora of connections we have with each other, other living beings and the cosmos.  I am also co-Director and co-PI for the NSF funded REU in the Physics Department at UWS.

Selected Publications

"Opening New Frontiers in Space: Choices for the Next New Frontiers Announcement of Opportunity" Committee on New Opportunities in Solar System Exploration: An Evaluation of the New Frontiers Announcement of Opportunity, co-chair with Reta Beebe, Space Studies Board, Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences, The National Academy Press, (April 2008)

"Opening the Solar System: NASA's New Frontiers Competition", Reta Beebe and Warren Buck, Op-ed, Space News, March 17, 2008.

Two works of art, Words and Pictures Magazine, January 2007 Issue.

Two works of art (watercolor painting on cover, oil painting on page 39), William and Mary Alumni Magazine, Winter 2003/2004