Lee Ann S. Wang

Lee Ann Wang

Assistant Professor

Ph.D., American Culture, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor
M.A., American Culture, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor
B.A., Political Science and Asian American Studies, Scripps College, Claremont

Office Number: UW2-212
Email: lawang@uw.edu


My course materials and assignments are designed to provide students with the opportunity to articulate interpretations of each text and to decide whether one chooses to see critical inquiry in their own lived experiences – and/or whether they hope to imagine and create new ones. My view comes from a much deeper concern – that for many of us in this moment, the practice of teaching must already grapple with institutional conditions that we participate in.  

Recent Courses Taught

BIS 283: Intro to Law
BIS 490: Gender Violence, Policing, and the Law
BIS 415: Public Policy & Law (Immigration Law)
BISGWS: 301 Critical Gender & Sexuality Studies
BPOLST 593:  Legal Intimacies (Master of Arts in Policy Studies)


My research interests are law and ethnography; gender and sexual violence; immigration law and enforcement; prisons and policing; property, reproduction, and social contract theory; Asian American political identity and social movements in diaspora; land and alienage; feminist of color and indigenous feminist theory.  My manuscript, “Enforced Safety in a Securitized State: Immigration Law, Gender Violence, and Asian Immigrant Woman” is a study of the law’s writing of protection.  The project is a legal ethnography that traces how immigration law and legislation on violence against women graphs legal figures of enforcement, rescue, and racial punishment.  I engage the interpretations legal advocates provide in their work with Asian immigrant women who seek relief from laws that promise protection from violence, but must grapple with enlistment towards the purposes of policing.  The manuscript overall, takes up the task of writing about people and life without reinscribing the law’s use of victimhood in evidence and the violences of legal archive.

Selected Publications

“Violence.” Dreams and Dramas: Law as Literature. Exhibit Catalogue. Berlin, Germany, neue Gesellschaft für bildende Kunst Publishing and HIT Gallery.

Unsettling Innocence: Rewriting The Law’s Invention of Immigrant Woman as Cooperator and Criminal Enforcer.” Scholar and Feminist. Issue 13:2 

’Of the Law, but Not Its Spirit’: Immigration Marriage Fraud as Legal Fiction and Violence Against Asian Immigrant Women.” University of California at Irvine Law Review, Vol. 3.4.

“Film Review of Two Lies and the Grace Lee Project.” Signs Journal of Women in Culture and Society, Films for the Feminist Classroom, Vol. 2.2.