Zaheeda Edwards shares her career journey


Zaheeda Edwards (’95, Liberal Studies) is a project manager for the Enterprise Solutions Operations group of CDK Global, a company which provides integrated technological solutions to the automotive retail industry.  Since graduating from UW Bothell, Zaheeda has used her education to bring groups and communities together toward a common goal. This is where her passion lies, and she has found success connecting people, whether in a volunteer setting or when leading and motivating colleagues to achieve project objectives. She has navigated both non-profit and corporate sectors holding roles at Seafair, the University of Washington Alumni Association, UW Bothell, Health Advocacy Strategies, and CDK Global.

Zaheeda met with IAS students to share her career path and advice from the journey.  When Zaheeda was a student, UW Bothell was brand new, and she was drawn to the quality of education and intimacy of a small campus. She acknowledges group work, internships, and independent studies as formative experiences that built her project and people management skills.  Zaheeda has gone onto various roles tied together by a common thread – solving problems and connecting communities.  At the Mentor Chat, she encouraged students to follow their interests while offering practical advice.  Suggestions included:

  • When seeking career direction, pay attention to the items from your experiences that ring true and follow what makes you happy.  This will take you a long way!
  • Every job application requires a tailored resume.  Know your audience and speak their language.
  • The first three functions and qualifications in a job announcement are the most important. 
  • If you can fulfill 70-80% of the duties in a job description, apply.
  • Understand how people operate.  What motivates them?  What’s their communication style?  Attention to these dynamics will help you work effectively with colleagues. 
  • A company’s culture can influence your job satisfaction.  Learn what others are saying about potential employers through informational interviews and websites like 

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