Baba Badru paves career in environmental health and real estate


Baba Badru (’08, Science, Technology & the Environment) has spent the past two years as an Environmental Investigator for Public Health – Seattle & King County.  He works on a wide range of projects, including developing and implementing strategies to prevent and mitigate unlawful dumping of waste across King County. More recently, Baba has conducted public health and environmental monitoring of solid waste facilities across King County, ranging from small scale recyclers, to private and public solid waste transfer stations and material recovery facilities. Baba also works on a two-person team that screens all dangerous wastes that end up in local landfills. He is also a real estate broker who values protecting the environment while supporting customers in achieving their dreams of home ownership.

In addition to earning his B.A., Baba completed an M.S. in Environmental Policy & Management with a concentration in Energy & Sustainability from University of Denver. He spent six years as a field and energy efficiency specialist with Puget Sound Energy coordinating energy efficiency initiatives in various communities in Western Washington, collaborating with manufacturers, retailers, and utility companies on promoting efficient energy systems.

Baba’s greatest education has been provided by his son (7) and daughter (3), who have helped him learn to look at things from new perspectives, deal with stress, develop patience, and to balance being protective with being empowering.

In May, Baba met with students in Johanna Crane’s Capstone Portfolio course to share career advice, which included these points:

  • Define a niche for yourself
  • Create a wider network or sphere of influence
  • When networking, follow up with people and don’t be discouraged by their silence
  • Take advantage of UW Bothell Career Services and LinkedIn
  • Polish your social media presence and reach out to your network
  • Boost your skills - take extra skill classes, like Excel (a must!)
  • Dress for success


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