Julie Shayne Wins the Chancellor’s Distinguished Undergraduate Research & Creative Practice Mentor Award


IAS faculty member Julie Shayne was one of two recipients of a new award created by the Chancellor to acknowledge the hard work of faculty who mentor students conducting undergraduate research. Shayne has worked closely with undergraduate researchers since she arrived at UW Bothell in 2008. Five of the six classes Shayne teaches regularly have research projects as one of the main assignments. She regularly works with students to develop their in-class research papers or projects into conference presentations and publications. Seven of Shayne’s undergraduate students are now published authors because of her mentorship.

In response to learning Shayne won the award one of her former mentees told her: “You contributed to my UW experience in so many ways from the first day to the last. I doubt I would have found what I was searching for without you being an active part of the two years.”

The award was presented at the closing reception for this year’s UW Bothell Undergraduate Research and Creative Practice Symposium, where Shayne had four IAS students presenting. Kelsey Bolinger, Mary Gates Scholar and Husky 100 awardee presented her paper “Representation of Race and Gender in People Magazine” which is the result of a yearlong research project Shayne has been supervising. Colin Davis, Hillary Sanders, and Michaella Rosner, another Husky 100 awardee, presented their paper “UWB Social Justice and Diversity Archive: Ingersoll Gender Center” based on community based research they did in Shayne’s “Histories and Movements of Gender and Sexuality Class” (BISGWS 302).

Mentoring has always been one of Shayne’s passions. She wrote a post about this earlier this academic year for the blog, Feminist Reflections.

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