Emily Anderson discusses her experiences in corporate law with students

Emily Anderson ('09, Society, Ethics & Human Behavior) met with undergraduate students to share her experiences in the corporate sector and law school.

Emily Anderson with students
Emily Anderson (center) with students

Currently, Emily is the Senior Compliance Program Manager for the Privacy Compliance Team in Legal Corporate Affairs at Microsoft and a third year law student at Seattle University School of Law.  Since graduating from UW Bothell, Emily has used her IAS education to excel in the fields of criminal justice, computer and network security, software release management, and legal corporate compliance. Emily is passionate about empowering students to get out of their comfort zone and challenge their potential.  Of the advice she offered, here is a sampling:

  • Approach job searches from a place of strength.  You will rarely find “interdisciplinary studies” in a job description, but it can be applied to every role and arena.  Look for those connections and communicate your qualifications with confidence.
  • IAS students have technical skills.  Training in research, analysis, public speaking, and project management are just a few examples.  Review what you learned in your courses and leverage those skills in job applications.
  • Prospective law students - pursue an independent study with a faculty member.  It’s great preparation for law school, a very independent learning environment that requires digging deeply into subject matter.
  • Don’t be daunted by the term “networking.”  Networking is simply about connecting and sharing resources with others.  Each person you meet is a resource for new opportunities, as you are for them.  Keep track of your contacts in a spreadsheet; over time it’s easy to forget who you know, and you’ll be amazed by the network you are building.
  • Define your own path.  Rise above the “meets expectations” level by taking the extra step and bringing additional value to your work. Use your current position to learn and grow as much as possible.

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