Amadanyo Oguara publishes Danku of Nembe Kingdom


Amadanyo Oguara has published his third book, Danku of Nembe Kingdom. Oguara is an alum of the M.A. in Cultural Studies program and published his first two booksFisherman’s Son and Asanda of Agirisaba, in 2020.

Danku of Nembe Kingdom narrates a fictional and fascinating global adventures in the 16th century of a young African Prince of the Nembe Kingdom, with his unlikely banished twelve English prisoners turned sailors on the high seas to other continents, and a safe return back to the Nembe Kingdom, culminating in his coronation as King "Amayanabo," and then sudden exile and eventual return back to the Nembe Kingdom. A drama then unfolds with adventures and conflicts of a young prince with the earliest intrusions of the Europeans into the coastal kingdoms of West Africa.

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