Amaranth Borsuk is featured in UW 360 segment on modern poetry and publishes new work


IAS faculty member Amaranth Borsuk was featured this spring in a Columns article on the state of poetry at UW. The piece, written by IAS alum Quinn Russell Brown, sparked the interest of producers at UW360, who interviewed her about the role of technology and collaboration in her work. Borsuk's digitally-mediated projects include Abra, a free app for iPhone and iPad that invites readers to mutate text with their fingertips, Whispering Galleries, a LeapMotion work which uses the reader's hand gestures to reveal poems hidden within diary entries, and Between Page and Screen, a book of augmented reality poems that only exist in the virtual space opened up by the reader. Borsuk's UW360 piece places her alongside alumni whose performance works have made a significant impact in Seattle and beyond.

This spring Borsuk also published several new poems in Faultline, the literary journal of the MFA in Creative Writing at the University of California Irvine. These new works grow out of her interest in sound and performance, offering playfully subversive textual landscapes for the reader to navigate.

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