Rob Turner Principal Investigator on Stormwater Management Grant


A group of IAS faculty and students under the leadership of Rob Turner has received a grant from the Green Seed Fund Project to develop best management practices for campus stormwater. The project has been funded at $62,586 and will work to help preserve the North Creek Wetlands by 1) instituting a new methodology to monitor and evaluate the impact of campus landscape changes on stormwater flow volumes and quality; 2) assessing the impacts of the stormwater discharges on the functionality of the wetland; and 3) recommending best management practices and design improvements for the campus stormwater system and surface water features in the wetland. Collaborators on the project include IAS faculty member Santiago Lopez, STEM faculty member Keya Sen, UW Bothell Director of Undergraduate Research Charlotte Rasmussen, and Environmental Studies student Dawn Hatfield

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