Rob Turner and Jason Lambacher represent at the 2017 Washington Higher Education Sustainability Conference


IAS faculty members Rob Turner and Jason Lambacher, along with Jean McGregor from Evergreen State College, ran a workshop at the 2017 Washington Higher Education Sustainability Conference held at Gonzaga University in Spokane on February 16.  The title of the 75 minute session was How Do We Address the Political Ecology of Education for Sustainability?  In this Solutions Roundtable session, Jason, Jean, and Rob shared resources that place sustainability objectives and proposals, as well as the shifting perspectives of our students, in a political ecology/social psychology context. These resources included a bibliography of key readings, survey instruments, and example course activities. We also collectively considered how well we are doing at representing the diversity of world views that animate sustainability controversies and preparing our students to not just advocate for sustainability but also to think critically, foster civil discourse, and take the lead in pluralistic decision making. 

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