Ashley Magdall maximizes student opportunities to grow her career


Ashley Magdall (’15) was a triple major – yes, a triple major in Global Studies, Media & Communication Studies, and Society, Ethics & Human Behavior.  While at UW Bothell, she cultivated interests in feminism, psychology, social justice, and media activism, and this richness translated into three degrees.  Ashley also took advantage of mentors and opportunities at UW Bothell.  She worked as a resident advisor in student housing, a student assistant in Human Resources, and for the IT department throughout her undergraduate career.  Because of her drive and taking on additional responsibilities, supervisors invested in her professional development.  After a contract in video game user research, she landed her current role as Web Support Specialist for the UW Bothell Office of Advancement & External Relations. In this position, she trains campus staff and faculty how to use the campus’s web content management system.  She also manages project requests and works to ensure the website accessibility for those using assistive technologies.

Ashley shared her experiences with students in David Goldstein’s Interdisciplinary Inquiry course, imparting advice such as:

  • Use your e-portfolio as an enhanced resume. Consider each essay and project as evidence of your experience.  Before interviews, review your portfolio for tangible examples that demonstrate your abilities.
  • The portfolio reflection process will help you get career-focused. What work have you already done? What experience do you need for your dream job? How can you gain that experience while at UWB?
  • Work while you are in school.  A degree opens many doors, but experience differentiates and gets you the job.
  • Go for the double major – with proper planning it can be completed in four years and will make you a desirable applicant.
  • The capstone prep course (BIS 399) is immensely helpful to completing your Portfolio Capstone (BIS 499).  Take advantage of this 2-credit course!
  • IAS prepares graduates to be competitive in the workplace. The ability to think critically and creatively, to communicate well, manage multiple projects, and conduct evidence-based research and analysis are highly-sought after.
  • If someone is willing to train you for free, do it!  You never know where news skills will lead you or what passions you will discover.

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