Jason Hampton channels his passion for sustainability into transportation policy


Jason Hampton ('14, Law, Economics, & Public Policy) joined the Bellevue Downtown Association in May 2014.  As Transportation Program Manager, Jason manages TransManage partnerships with City of Kirkland, City of Bellevue and King County Metro. Through Kirkland Green Trip and the Choose Your Way Bellevue, he works with area employers to develop and enhance employer commute programs. His goal is to provide employers with the knowledge, resources, and expertise to support their employees commute needs. Working at a nonprofit, he liaises with both private and public sectors, often acting as a nexus between the two. Jason also serves as the chair of the Community Transit Employee Transportation Coordinator Peer Advisory Board.

Jason returned to college after a thirteen year hiatus.  He earned his associates degree at Cascadia College before transferring to UW Bothell in 2012 with a goal of graduating before his son began middle school. While at UWB, Jason excelled in his studies and engaged in numerous efforts, including habitat restoration of Bothell’s North Creek Forest, leading a campus community garden initiative, and organizing the Capitol Hill Sustainability Walk.  Energized by sustainability issues, Jason set his career sights on transportation policy, viewing it as “the one area of policy that can make up for multiple failed policies.”  He began networking in this sector and ultimately, landed a role with Bellevue Downtown Association.

Jason met with students to share lessons from his journey, including this key advice:

  • For those interested in policy work, consider working for a public relations or consulting firm. These firms interface with a variety of stakeholders, providing exposure and connections.
  • Never discount customer service experience (Jason worked in restaurants for twenty years).  These roles build communication, problem-solving, and conflict management skills, which are invaluable in the workplace.
  • For IAS students, BIS 499 is one of the most important courses you will take.  It will prepare you to effectively communicate your learning and abilities to future audiences, like potential employers.
  • For your first post-college job, target a company/organization where you can build 2-3 skill areas – or – grow your network.  Either objective will provide an important foundation.
  • When evaluating your strengths and weaknesses, focus on your strengths, these are the attributes that will allow you to successfully contribute to a team.

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