micha cárdenas gives keynote talk at UC Berkeley's Digital Humanities Berkeley


IAS faculty member micha cárdenas gave a keynote talk at UC Berkeley's Digital Humanities Berkeley Summer Institute on Wednesday. Her talk, titled "The Android Goddess Declaration: After Man(ifestos)", proposed that androids in popular science fiction films and television shows can serve as an important model for trans of color feminist thinking today. Using examples from the television shows Westworld (see still at left), and Humans and the music videos of pop artist Janelle Monáe, cárdenas proposed that androids offer a model of ethics that extends beyond humans, which is important for responding to global warming. cárdenas calls for solidarity between all those deemed less than human throughout history, including people of color, trans people and nature. Critiquing the limits of the humanities, cárdenas builds on indigenous ontologies, women of color feminist theory and transgender studies to argue for androids as a model of ethics. Androids additionally underscore the importance of algorithmic analysis, which can extend intersectional feminist approaches.

cárdenas showed work from her design research lab at UW Bothell, the Poetic Operations Collaborative, which uses algorithmic analysis and inclusive design to make cybersecurity accessible to communities currently targeted by the new presidential administration, such as undocumented people, transgender people, women immigrants and refugees. 

Don't post anything on social media you don't want to discuss with police. Review and delete posts before crossing borders.

The talk is based on a forthcoming publication in the book "Bodies of Information: Feminist Debates in the Digital Humanities" from University of Minnesota Press.

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