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Updated November 19, 2020


Communications Sent:


November 19, 2020 | Preparing You Unit for Upcoming Breaks

Hi UWB Residents,

We know many of you will begin leaving campus soon to go home or spend holidays elsewhere and we wanted to remind you to prepare your units for long periods of time away. PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE EMAIL TO KNOW HOW TO SUCCESSFULLY PREPARE YOUR UNITS FOR HOLIDAY BREAKS.


Follow the below checklist if you are planning on leaving your unit for an extended period of time (more than 3 consecutive days):

  1. Discard any open or unsealable food bags/containers.
  2. Seal and store any food items you are keeping in your cabinets or refrigerator- food left out on the countertop (even if it's sealed) can attract pests quickly.
  3. Unplug all electronic devices in case of a power outage or power surge (Television, Desk top computers, Coffee Makers, Toasters, etc).
  4. Unplug any wall scent makers (Glade plug ins, Airwicks, etc) 
  5. DO NOT UNPLUG YOUR REFRIGERATOR. But do ensure that you have cleaned out all old/expiring food and make sure all ventilation vents are unobstructed to prevent freezing and leaking.
  6. Turn off all heaters in the unit.
  7. Close all windows and blinds.
  8. Take out all garbage and recycle to the proper bins in the parking lot of Husky Village.
  9. NOTE: The ResLife team is unable to enter into units to complete any forgotten tasks on this checklist. It is your responsibility to carefully follow this checklist to prepare your unit for a successful departure.


If you are living in a bedroom that currently has an empty bed space, before you leave for break you must:

  • Ensure all of your belongings are on your side of the assigned space.
  • The empty bed space is clean and in the condition that it was in when you moved in.
  • It is possible you may be assigned a roommate for winter quarter- please prepare the space in advance as we will give you 24 hour's notice of their arrival.


Regardless if you are leaving your unit or not, it is the time of year where it is critical for everyone to perform a deep cleaning of your apartment space. Please follow the steps below- many of the cleaning solutions and cleaning implements can be easily found at one of our nearby grocery or hardware stores.



Cleaning Instruction (PDF Version)

If you have any questions about leaving your unit, please contact your RA or email with any concerns.

Thank you all and have a great break,

UWB Housing and Residential Life

September 17, 2020 | Student Housing Updates for September 17

Hello Residents,

It’s T minus 8 days until move in begins.  Housing & Residential Life staff are busy making preparations for your arrival.  Please carefully review the updates below and be sure to COMPLETE the PRE-MOVE IN CHECKLIST form which is now open and available.

Instagram Live THIS Friday

You asked to see apartments, we answered with a live tour!  Join RAs Gigi and Nia Friday, September 18 at 4:00 pm (like tomorrow!)on our @uwbhousing IG account when we go live to give you a tour of an apartment in Husky Village.  We will also have a Resident Director standing by to answer questions.

Bed Lofting

Think you may want to loft your bed or re-configure the bed?  Check out this website for more information and please bring your own rubber mallet.  Due to COVID restrictions, we are not able to provide assistance or check out rubber mallets.

Healthy Husky Village Pledge

Being a part of the UWB community means that we care about our fellow Huskies and our collective wellbeing. We all have responsibility to work toward stopping the spread of COVID-19 and keeping our community healthy. When living in Husky Village, all members of the community will be expected to take the following actions. I Pledge To:

  • Wear a mask in the Husky Village Community Center (HVCC) and inside all UW buildings; outside when a 6 foot distance cannot be maintained. 
  • Wash my hands often with soap for at least 20 seconds and use hand sanitizer when soap and water are not available. 
  • Disinfect my apartment daily, which includes cleaning doorknobs, kitchens and bathroom surfaces.
  • Follow all directives and policy changes, like the guest policy, as determined by Residential Life, in accordance with King County’s phases of re-opening.
  • Attest when submitting a work order that I do not have any symptoms of COVID-19, and wear a mask and maintain 6 feet of distance if Facilities Services enters to work in my unit.
  • Monitor myself for symptoms and report to Residential Life staff immediately if I am ill. Res Life will provide additional support and University resources. 
  • Report to Residential Life staff immediately if I have been exposed to another person who has COVID-19.
  • Stay home if I feel ill or have been exposed to someone who is ill or has tested positive for COVID-19.
  • Strongly consider joining the Husky Coronavirus Testing Program which is provided at no charge and will provide me quick, easy access to testing.

Parent & Family Orientation Session

We know there are a lot of questions.  Residential Life in partnership with the UW Bothell Counseling Center will be hosting a session for parents, family and friends.  The session will provide an overview of Residential Life and Counseling will be providing information about how to support students’ transitions to college and living on campus.  If you have family that would be interested in attending, please submit their email through this google form.  Additional details will be sent to the emails received.  

Husky Coronavirus Testing Program

Every resident is strongly encouraged to enroll in the Husky Coronavirus Testing Program.  It is available at no charge and enrollment opens September 24.  One of the key features of the program, is that they will provide you with free, convenient testing kits should you be exposed or have symptoms at any point this academic year.  Click here to learn more.  We are working toward 100% participation for those in Husky Village!  This is open to all students, staff and faculty on all three UW campuses.

Complete the Pre-Move In Checklist NOW!

Let’s finally here, we have created a Pre-Move In Checklist form that we need EACH and EVERY resident to complete at least two days PRIOR to your scheduled move in time.  Yes, this is mandatory!  We want to ensure that you have not missed any information and that you have what you need to move in successfully.  Please take a few moments to go through the check list and make sure that you visit the hyperlinks in the form as well.  We will be following up with any resident who does not complete this checklist.  Thank you for getting this done!

Connect with your RA on Discord

Join us on Discord NOW so you can start asking Residential Life questions before you move in! We are so excited to build community with you virtually on the Residential Life Discord Server.  

Welcome Week and Fall Quarter Events

Last, but certainly not least.  There are a lot of events being planned for Welcome Week.  Check this link from Student Engagement and Activities to see when events are happening throughout fall quarter:

Additional Housing Information

For more information on our response to the Coronavirus, frequently asked questions, previous communications released to students, and Fall 2020 Move In procedures, review the links below:

We will be sending one last Thursday update email next Thursday, September 24. We are excited to welcome you!


Housing & Residential Life

September 10, 2020 | Preparing for Arrival and Connection

Greetings UW Bothell Residents!

We in Residential Life are beyond excited to welcome you to campus in T minus 15 days! Our theme this year is UW Bothell Blast off and we are excited to #BlastOff with you this academic year! Below we will be sharing some of what we have planned for you, our incoming astronauts.

Preparing For Your Arrival

Your Resident Astronauts (RAs) are on campus now and completing their 3 week training to prepare for your arrival. Each hall has been designated as a planet for this year. Your RA will lead your planet (hall) community.  Their role is to support and mentor you throughout your journey.  At your appointment time, when you arrive to the Husky Village Galaxy, you will come to the International Space Station (Husky Village Community Center located at the center of Husky Village) to receive your flight instructions (unit keys and important move In information).  Then you will proceed to move onto your planet (hall). Want to know which planet you live in? Click on this link.

Mandatory Flight Briefings & Mission Overview

The day you move in, you will attend a Virtual Mandatory Flight Briefing with your Resident Astronaut at 7:00 pm (Friday-Monday).  There will be a flight briefing for every evening of move in, so no matter what day you are scheduled to arrive you won’t miss anything! This will take place the evening you arrive. Following the Flight Briefing there will be a Galactic Welcome Week Event!

On Tuesday, September 29 at 2:00 pm, you will be expected to report over Zoom to our Mandatory Mission Overview.  At this virtual event, you will be receiving critical information and timely updates regarding how to have a safe and healthy time on your new planet home (and in student housing).  We will be taking attendance at the event.

Galactic Welcome Week

Galactic Welcome Week 2020 kicks off with move in and UWB Convocation. If you haven’t arrived in time for certain Galactic Welcome Week events, do not fear - you can participate in the first four Galactic Welcome Week events you can participate virtually before or after you arrive. 

We also have events planned for our own community!  The planet that participates the most across all Galactic Welcome Week events will get PinkaBella Cupcake Party for their hall!  The community will be virtual, but the cupcakes will be there in person!  #battleoftheplanets #goodluck

How to Connect

You may be wondering how you’ll connect with the Resident Astronauts while you’re in orbit - DISCORDPlease download the Discord app to your computer and mobile device and click here for the invitation to join the Residential Life server. This year it will be critically important that you join us on Discord in order to stay connected while you are orbiting on your planet in the Husky Village Galaxy. Not only will you connect with your Resident Astronaut and other residents, you will also be receiving updates from Housing and Residential on this platform.

Join us on Discord NOW so you can start asking Residential Life questions before you move in! We are so excited to build community with you virtually on the Residential Life Discord Server.  

Live Q&A on Instagram

We know that there are still a lot of questions on there.  And we want to share all the information that we have!  Be sure to follow us on Instagram at @uwbhousing!  Starting now - submit a question through IG and one of our amazing staff on the International Space Station will reply through stories.  We will also be sharing tips and updates between now and move in – don’t miss it!

What Is Still Coming

Next Thursday, you will receive critical move in information updates that you will need to complete.  These pieces are still in development.  So please make sure to check your email again next week.  You will receive information on:

  • Health & Safety Housing Pledge
  • UW COVID Testing Resources
  • Pre-Move In Check List form (which will be mandatory to complete prior to your appointment)
  • Parent/Guardian Orientation Sessions

Don’t forget to check out the following links:

We look forward to your arrival fellow astronaut! 


Housing & Residential Life

From the International Space Station

September 3, 2020 | Your 2020-21 Academic Year Assignment & Booking Your Move In

This email is specific to each individual student based on their assignments. Below is a general template students received for the 2020-2021 Academic Year assignments. If students have specific questions about their assignment, they should email with their full name and student ID number. 


We’re excited for you to live on campus with us during the 2020-2021 Academic Year! Please review all the information below regarding your upcoming Move In.

Schedule your Check In Time:

Use the following link below to book your check in time. This time will be the 5 minute window for you to check in at HVCC to pick up your key and information packets. After that you will have 40 minutes to move in your items to your unit before we will need any cars you are using moved to make room for the next people moving in. Please reach out if you are unable to find an available time that works with your schedule.  

How to Book your Check In Time:

Click Here to book your Check In Time

  1. Outlook log in page will open and log in with your UW email address (
  2. After, you will be prompted to log in with your UW Net ID and Password
  3. Book your Check In Time before September 14 at 11:59 PM PST

You may check in at the Husky Village Community Center at the time that you sign up for. The address for check-in is 18612 Beardslee Blvd. Bothell WA 98011.

Prior to Move-In, click here to review the following important information:

  • Housing Checklist
  • FAQs
  • Payment Information
  • Complete the Pre-Move In Form (this will be emailed to you later this month) the form will include:
    • A health and safety pledge
    • Guest registration
    • Confirming that you and your guests are not symptomatic
    • Any other additional details that UW needs students to comply with

Assignment Information
Your roommate(s) contact information can be found below. We recommend contacting them to say hi and coordinate items for your apartment, like microwaves and TVs. You will receive an email update for all occupancy changes.

Quarterly housing charges are due in full by 5pm Friday, October 16, 2020.

You Have Been Assigned To: [UNIT ROOM NUMBER] - [ROOM SPACE] - [BED] - [BUILDING], A [ROOM TYPE] Room.

Roommate Information for Your Unit:

(Depending on the student, they may have between 1-3 roommates listed below)




Coronavirus FAQ & Communications

We strongly recommend you review the Housing & Residential Life Notice & Coronavirus Response FAQ

You can review our FAQ for our Coronavirus response here

You can review our Housing Notice and future communication here

Additional questions or concerns, visit or email us at

Thank you,

UWB Student Housing Office

Other Versions Released Specific to Students' Assignment:

Above is the same with the exception below

Triple Bed to Double Bed

Housing Occupancy Adjustments - Changes in Triple Bed Option 

We have eliminated triple bed option for the meantime. Your assignment will show as Triple but your unit will be classified as a double-occupant room instead of a triple-occupant room and billed a double rate. If we are permitted to increase density in the future, students in double-occupancy rooms could receive a third roommate if they are in a unit that was designed to be a triple. You can read more information about the occupancy change in the Coronavirus Response - Housing Occupancy Adjustments

Double Bed to Single Bed

Housing Occupancy Adjustments - Double Room Converted to Single 

Your assignment will show as Double but your room will be classified as a Single-occupant room and billed at the Single room rate. You will not have roommate in your room but you do have apartment-mates. The extra bed in your bedroom should remain clear of personal items. 

August 27, 2020 | Move In: The Complete Guide

Dear Current and Incoming Residents,

We are only about a month from Move In! We are excited to see you all and are working hard in preparing for your arrival! In this email you will find important information about what will be needed from you for the Move-In.  PLEASE READ CAREFULLY and COMPLETELY.

Move In Details:

  • Friday, Sept 4th  you will be emailed a link to register for a move in slot
  • We are finishing assignments should be released soon early Sept
  • Fill out the Pre Move in Check List at least 48 hours prior to your move in appointment which will include:
    • A health and safety pledge
    • Move- In Guest registration
    • Confirming that you and your guests are not symptomatic
    • Any other additional details that UW needs students to comply with
  • This will be sent to you a week before your check in time and will need to be completed at least 48 hours before your assigned Move-In time.
  • You must complete this check in to be eligible to move in
  • All the move in details are on the UWB Move In webpage

Guest Information After Move In

Residential Life Guest Policy in Phase 1 & 2:

  • Guests who do not live in Husky Village are not permitted at this stage.
  • Only two visiting residents from other units maximum per week in the unit
  • Any visiting residents from other units must be approved by all roommates
  • No overnight visiting residents
  • If you are spending time with residents from other units consider meeting outside to take a walk and get fresh air
  • Res Life will continue to reassess if/when King County moves into Phase 3

Preparing for Move In Video

We will be holding an Instagram Q & A

  • Follow up on Instagram!  Starting on September 15th, every Tuesday and Thursday, Residential Life will be responding to questions about move in and Fall Quarter. Look out for our IG story where you can ask us questions! Find us @uwbhousing 

Email from The Dean of Students

Upcoming Important Dates

  • Thursday, September 3
    • LAST DAY to cancel your academic year housing agreement and avoid financial penalty.
  • Friday, September 4
    • Check-in appointment scheduling will become available.
  • Thursday, September 10
    • Move In Details and Welcome Week Information will be emailed out.
  • Friday, September 25 - Monday, September 28
    • Staggered Move In days. On your scheduled move in day, you will:
    • Check in by appointment only from 10-12:00 noon & 1-4 pm – appointment details will be sent out September 4.
    • Online Orientation with Resident Advisor at 6:30 pm.
    • Online Community Event at 7:00 pm.
  • Tuesday, September 29
    • MANDATORY Housing Orientation at 2:00 pm.

Thank you,

UW Bothell Housing & Residential Life

August 20, 2020 | Living on Campus Together: Your Health and COVID-19

Dear Current and Incoming Residents,

As you prepare to return to campus, we understand that you may have concerns and experience uncertainties related to COVID-19, including concerns about living with another person outside of your current household. This summer, Residential Life staff have been working to create a starting point for you to begin considering these dynamics and engaging in conversation to navigate this uncertain time. It will be important for you to take a proactive approach to any potential conflicts or apprehensions that may come up in your space as it relates to COVID-19 by communicating directly and in advance.

As part of your roommate or apartment-mate relationship during the 2020-2021 academic year, you are encouraged to discuss your personal decisions regarding guests, face coverings, and social and physical interaction with others. An integral part of living with another person is considering how your actions may impact others and how you can proactively communicate these items to build a positive relationship and maintain a healthy living environment. Keep in mind that King County guidelines and Residential Life Policy will need to be abided by but those are likely to shift as we move between Phases so thinking ahead is important.

When you move to campus and into your apartment you are establishing a new household. According to the CDC, a household is defined as “people living together in close quarters.” As you move into your new household, it is important to consider your choices as it relates to interacting with former household members or family members, such as implementing face coverings and physical distancing when you visit or see them. As you approach COVID-19 related conversations with your new household members who are your roommates or apartment-mates, it is important to review local legislation and UWB Housing COVID response updates, which may evolve over time.

Here are some questions to consider when having these conversations:

  • Under what circumstances will you and your roommate(s) wear a face covering in the apartment?
  • Do you intend to allow guests to visit your space, and if so, who is permitted to visit and under what circumstances?
  • What places outside your residential space do you intend to visit or use during Autumn Quarter?
  • What social or physical interactions do you intend to have and under what circumstances?
  • Within your roommate relationship, how will you hold each other accountable for maintaining wellness and personal safety and what will you do if there is a difference in each of your personal health and safety practices? (i.e. cleaning and disinfecting common spaces in your apartment)

Once you move into your residential space for Fall, your Resident Assistant will set up a virtual meeting with you and your roommate(s) to complete the Roommate Agreement which will help you to continue this meaningful conversation, establish norms for your space, and discuss strategies and resources, such as mediation, to help you if a conflict should arise. Please also know that your Resident Adviser will help support you in these dialogues about your personal health practices and COVID-19.

While living on campus, if you begin to feel symptoms of COVID-19 including but not limited to fever, cough, loss of taste, loss of smell, shortness of breath, or digestive issues, or if you come into close contact with someone who has these symptoms or has tested positive, please tell a Residential Life staff member right away and contact your healthcare provider.

Additional COVID-19 & UWB Housing Resources

Thank you in advance for doing your part to keep your residential community safe. We look forward to seeing you this Fall.  If you have additional questions or concerns, please email us at


UW Bothell Housing & Residential Life

August 13, 2020 | Housing & Residential Life Notice

Attention Current and Incoming Residents,

The University of Washington Bothell (UWB) Housing & Residential Life program continues to support students and provide community while prioritizing the health and safety of our residents and on-site staff in order to minimize the spread of COVID-19 within our community. As a resident within UWB Housing, the current COVID-19 pandemic will impact your housing experience as the University continues to make public health-informed decisions based on guidance from the CDC and Public Health – Seattle & King County. Below we have described how some specific aspects of the Student Housing Agreement is applicable in the context of COVID-19.

Health and Safety Efforts and Expectations

We expect all members of the UWB Housing & Residential Life community—residents, staff and guests—to act in a manner demonstrating respect and consideration for those around them. All residents are prohibited from behavior that would create a health or safety hazard within Student Housing, and the University may request or require a resident to leave Student Housing if their continued presence in the housing community poses a health or safety risk for community members. Residents are required to comply with health and safety laws, orders, ordinances, regulations and health and safety guidance adopted by the University or Student Housing as it relates to public health crises including COVID-19. This guidance will evolve as the public health crisis evolves and may include, but is not limited to:

  • Social and physical distancing when outside the unit
  • Limitations on gatherings
  • Wearing a face covering outside of the unit
  • Notifying Residential Life immediately if you are symptomatic or being tested for COVID-19
  • COVID-19 testing (including before or upon arrival to campus)
  • Participating in contact tracing efforts
  • Disinfection protocols and cleaning personal spaces regularly
  • Limitations on guests
  • Quarantine/isolation requirements (including before or upon arrival to campus).

Adherence to health and safety requirements applies to all residents, staff and visitors and extends to all areas of UWB Student Housing, including Apartments and all areas within the Husky Village Community Center and other communal spaces.

It is important to note that roommates within an assigned apartment together are considered a “household unit” by the CDC and are not required to maintain social distancing or required to wear a face covering while inside of the unit. However, it will be important to discuss health precautions and regular cleaning schedules with your roommate(s). We do recommend that residents adhere to as many health and safety recommendations as possible within the apartment.


Student Housing in partnership with UWB Facilities will continue implementing and modifying cleaning protocols to address COVID-19 or other public health emergencies in the interest of minimizing the spread of disease within HVCC. Housing & Residential Life will educate and inform residents on appropriate cleaning protocols within their assigned spaces to reduce the spread of COVID-19 within UWB Student Housing and increase the rate in which Husky Village Community Center is cleaned, per Public Health guidelines. Cleaning inside of the individual units will be completed prior to residents moving in and then be the responsibility of the residents from then on which includes increased cleaning of the bathroom, kitchen and other shared areas within the apartment.

Occupancy Adjustments and Planning

De-Densifying Efforts

Per health and safety recommendations, the Student Housing Office has made efforts to reduce the density of residents in individual bedrooms. To achieve a lower bedroom to resident ratio, the Student Housing Office has removed the option for triple bedrooms at this time and will only assign up to two students per bedroom.  The triple room option will not be available until it is safe to consider increasing occupancy at a later date in the event we offer this as a configuration. Depending on unit configuration, 2- 4 students will be assigned to each shared apartment. Residents are required to comply with any de-densifying efforts needed on campus due to COVID-19 or other public health emergency, including, but not limited to, the relocation of all or some residents to alternative housing.


Residents are required to comply with any consolidation efforts needed on campus due to COVID-19 or other public health emergency, including, but not limited to, the relocation of all or some residents to alternative housing.

Quarantine, Isolation and Separation

Housing & Residential Life has created alternative housing options for residents within the program to best accommodate the need for potential temporary moves for the purposes of quarantine, isolation, or separation. Housing & Residential Life adjusted the number of available units to specifically set aside apartments within the program for this purpose. In the event that all units are filled, hotels may be used as temporary housing.  Residents are required to comply with requests from Housing & Residential Life to leave their assigned space within 24 hours due to COVID-19 or other public health emergency, and failure to do so is a violation of the Student Housing Agreement and may subject a resident to emergency removal from their assigned space. In those situations where a resident is recommended to self-quarantine or self-isolate, residents may not be permitted to continue residing in their residential space, and Housing & Residential Life will attempt to provide alternative housing within the housing complex or other arrangements as needed.

Cancellation & Termination

As a reminder, there is no penalty for cancelling 22 or more days from your assigned agreement start date. For the 2020-2021 Academic Year housing agreement, the start date is September 25, 2020. Any cancellation form submitted on or before September 3, 2020, will not incur a cancellation fee.


If a student wishes to terminate their housing agreement after moving into Student Housing, they may do so following the process outlined within the housing agreement. Moving into Student Housing will result in the outlined charges and fees per the housing agreement to be applied. Please refer to the housing agreement, Section XII. AGREEMENT TERMINATION for specific details.

As outlined in the Emergency Closures section of the housing agreement, the Student Housing office reserves the right to Terminate housing agreements due to public health emergency needs, including COVID-19. In the event the Student Housing office terminates a housing agreement due to public health concerns, the University will offer fair and reasonable reimbursement for impacted residents as appropriate and based on information available at that time. Termination charges will remain in effect as long as Student Housing continues to provide on campus housing, even if University alters the manner in which classes are delivered during the UWB housing Agreement Period.


We will update you with timely information ( about specific health and safety guidance important for our residents.  Additionally, you can expect weekly emails each Thursday from Housing & Residential Life which will continue to provide details about move in day and preparing the school year ahead. You can reach out to the Student Housing Office directly with questions or concerns by emailing

Thank you,

UW Bothell Housing & Residential Life