Housing & Residential Life

About us

Student housing at UW Bothell

The University of Washington Bothell has provided student housing since 2009.  Being able to live and study in one place, enhances a students sense of belonging and academic opprotunities.

UW Bothell, in partnership with Capstone Development, is currently constructing the New Residential Village.  The project will be completed by fall 2024.

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Our Residential Life team is committed to providing a welcoming and engaging living environment where students can thrive. We live and work in Husky Village, just like our residents.   Our professional staff provide 24/7 support and education to students living in housing.  

The program is based on a curricular approach which provides students with opprotunities to learn and grow in their new home.

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Residential curriculum

Education is at the heart of our work.  Our program uses a curricular approach which allows staff to bring support and education students that is relevant and sequenced.  

Educational priority

Through transformational experiences, residents will be challenged as independent thinkers to reflect on their identities, create healthy living environments, and navigate academic resources to prepare them for success in their communities.

Educational pillars

Our pillars and key learning outcomes reflect Residential Life's values and core goals for our students living on campus!



UWB residential students will develop skills to help them successfully share living and community spaces with others and advance independence. Throughout their time living in residential life, residents will have opportunities to think critically about their living decisions and take initiative in order to create a space that contributes to their wellness and personal safety.



UWB residential students will develop interpersonal skills that will foster their sense of belonging. Throughout their time living in residential life, residents will be challenged to navigate conflict, create compromise, and build connections.


UWB residential students will engage within an environment that allows them to"" reflect on their identities through inclusive practices. Through their time in residential life, students will develop skills to share their lived experiences, advocate for themselves and others, and think beyond their salient identities.


UWB residential students will engage in conversations to recognize their"" academic needs and develop a supportive learning network. Throughout their time living in residential life, students will have the opportunity to reflect on what academic success means to them and achieve those goals through resources provided by academic partners.


Community educational strategies

Husky chats

Resident Advisors will engage with residents in intentional interactions through guided conversations that will provide personal support and guidance.

Roommate agreements

Resident Advisors will guide and lead conversations between roommates on expectations of living environment and each other. This will be documented for follow-up throughout the academic year.

Virtual social connection

Resident Advisors will facilitate and engage in virtual community building during the COVID-19 pandemic. Each hall will have its own Discord channel in addition to the general Residential Life server.


Resident Advisors will facilitate and engage in events that focus on learning outcomes and pillars that were created by the professional staff. This can be a passive, traditional, or a university event. This will begin during Welcome Week and continue one evening a week.

Campus partners

Resident Advisors will collaborate with our campus partners, including promotion of their events and resources.

Community meetings

Residential Life staff (Resident Advisors and Professional Staff) will lead and facilitate informational meetings throughout the academic year based on several topics. This includes move-in, housing orientation and opening/closing floor meetings.


Individual educational strategies

Academic outreach

Professional Staff will meet with residents to provide them the opportunity to discuss strategies for improving their academic performance.

Conduct meetings

Professional Staff will meet with residents that allegedly violate the Residential Life Conduct Code. Residents can reflect and learn from their choices.

Check in conversations

Residential Life staff will meet with residents in response to reported student concerns and provide guidance, resources, and support.


Residential Life staff will meet with residents that are in conflict in their unit or with others outside their unit to work towards a resolution. Residents can also learn to take part in conflict resolution.