Bachelor of Arts in Health Studies

Petitioning a Course

Petitioning a Course

If you are interested in petitioning a course to satisfy a requirement in the Health Studies major, Health Studies minor, Global Health minor, or Health Education & Promotion minor, follow the Health Studies Course Substitution Petition policy below.

Petitions will be reviewed by the Health Studies Curriculum Committee (HSCC) during the Autumn, Winter, and Spring quarters (petitions are NOT reviewed during Summer quarter). All petitions must be submitted via the online form (see link below) by the 6th week of the quarter in order to be reviewed and processed prior to the end of the quarter. As long as a student completes 45 credits at UWB, there is no limit to the amount of courses a student can petition to count towards their Health Studies major. All course substitution decisions are final, unless further information has been requested by the HSCC.

If you have questions about your academic requirements, the health studies course substitution petition process, or would like to discuss petitioning university requirements (outside of your Health Studies major), please contact your advisor.

Steps to Petition a Health Studies Course:

1. Visit the Health Studies Petition Form online and read all information and instructions. Plan to spend 5-20 minutes filling out the form and be aware that you are not able to save and return to the form. You will need to complete all questions in one sitting.

2. Gather all information needed for your petition, including information about the course you are submitting, a course syllabus if the course you have taken is outside of UW, and a URL to a university webpage with an official course description. Fill in sections on the online form.

3. Type a detailed rationale/explanation of why you believe the substitution course should be approved to submit on the online form. Commonly approved substitutions have information to directly link the substitute course learning objectives (such as class assignments, learning outcomes, lectures) to the requirement category.

4. Submit your completed Petition Form online.

View and Submit Your Petition Form -

Once your Petition Form is submitted, the Health Studies advisor will follow up with you via your UW Email with any questions the Health Studies Curriculum Committee may have and with the Committee's decision on your petition. 

Updated July 2021