Bachelor of Arts in Health Studies

Enhancing Your Health Studies Degree

Many students ask Health Studies professors and advisors how they can be more prepared for their future profession and/or graduate school. Because of the breadth of the Health Studies degree, students have the opportunity to really take their specific interest and learning to a higher level and go beyond the classroom. We encourage you to think about and stay engaged with your career goals as you move through the Health Studies program.

What can I do with a Health Studies degree?

Health Studies graduates are ready to enter a wide variety of occupations in healthcare or public health, and even continue on to graduate school or other advanced training. Just a few career possibilities include:

  • Public and global health services
  • Health education and communication
  • Health management and administration
  • Non-profit services
  • Community organizing
  • Mental health / substance use services
  • Environmental and occupational health services
  • Health care outreach and community care
  • Advanced study in public health, nursing, medicine, social work, or other health professions

To learn more about the paths Health Studies alumni take after graduation check out the following videos - recordings of our 2020 and 2021 Alumni Panels!


How can I gain co-curricular experience?

An amazing way to enhance your Health Studies degree is to pursue co-curricular opportunities, such as participating in volunteer positions, internships, student organizations, and undergraduate research & mentorship. Advisors and professors are eager to talk to you about incorporating these and other opportunities into your education. We want to support you to reach your professional goals and help change the world! A few examples of co-curricular experineces are listed below.

Health Educators Reaching Out (HEROs)

The HEROs (Health Educators Reaching Out) are UW Bothell’s Peer Health Educators. HEROs use research to inform their workshops and events on health issues relevant to UW Bothell and Cascadia College students. HEROs collaborate as a team and with other departments to create inclusive and diverse programs.

Undergraduate Research & Mentorship

The notion of performing research as an undergraduate student can be a bit intimidating. But consider exploring your interests further, outside of a classroom, with a professor with similar interest who will be engaging and challenging you. Research projects not only help develop your interests, they look great on a resume and impressive for graduate school. In addition, they can lead to scholarship opportunities. You can be financially rewarded for taking your education to the next level!

Health Scholar Program

UWB School of Nursing and Health Studies is proud to partner with COPE Health Scholars. The Health Scholar program gives pre-health professionals unprecedented access to direct patient care. Program participants become valuable members of the patient-care team alongside nurses, physicians and allied health professionals in clinical and administrative settings. Health Studies students interested in direct patient care, administrative leadership, policy development and more should consider getting hands on experience through this nationally recognized program. Locations include: Everett, Seattle and Issaquah.


An internship is a short term opportunity to provide practical experience in an occupation or career field. An internship provides students an opportunity to "test the waters" and gain "hands on" experience in a career. Health Studies students have an internship-like experience embedded into their major requirements with BHS 496 (Fieldwork in Health). However, you can incorporate additional experiences into their undergraduate education beyond BHS 496. There are a variety of resources to get further internship experiences. Consider talking to Health Studies faculty, the Health Studies advisor, the Community-Based Learning & Research Office, and Career Services for opportunities that fit your interests.

Study Abroad

The School of Nursing and Health Studies is excited to offer SNHS opportunities in a variety of countries. Imagine getting a better understanding of global health issues in Sardinia, Guatemala, or Togo from our very own SNHS faculty! In addition to these study abroad options students are eligible for any study abroad program across the UW. There are plenty of locations and opportunities to take you all over the world! Employers seek students who can problem solve, value diversity, learning complex issues, and discussing and strategizing solutions. Scholarships are available to support these experiences.

April 2022