Bachelor of Arts in Health Studies

Academic Policies, Grading & Honors

The School of Nursing and Health Studies faculty take academic integrity and scholarship very seriously. This includes, but is not limited to, academic honesty, plagiarism and academic performance. Because academic integrity and scholarship are at the core of our academic and professional ethics, we expect students to academically perform and behave accordingly as follows.

University Academic Integrity & Avoiding Academic Misconduct

As noted from the Bothell Student Guide to Academic Integrity, UW students are expected to conduct themselves as responsible members of the academic community. Among the standards of conduct for UW students includes the responsibility to practice "high standards of academic and professional honesty and integrity." WAC 478-120-020(2) (a).

Academic misconduct includes, but is not limited to, cheating, facilitation, plagiarism, and fabrication in connection with any exam, research, course assignment, or other academic exercise that contributes, in whole or in part, to the satisfaction of requirements for courses or graduation. The following definitions, while not exhaustive, are intended to provide examples of the types of activities that can result in a charge of academic misconduct.

The Undergraduate Grading System and School Grading Scale

The Grading Scale

The School has a specific grading scale for the courses it offers. Students who complete electives that are outside of the School, should be familiar the grading scale used for that particular Program or School.

University Grading Policies, Procedures and Types of Grades

UW Bothell uses a numerical grading system. Instructors may report grades from 4.0 to 0.7 in 0.1 increments and the grade 0.0. To learn about the different types of grades, including an "Incomplete" grade, the grading procedures, the grade appeal process, repeating coursework and other grading related information, visit the website of the Office of the Registrar for detailed information, instruction, and resources.

University Faculty Honors

Faculty Honors are awarded to SNHS students who are earning their first bachelor's degree and ranked in the top 10% of their respective program. Students must earn a minimum of 43 graded credits to be reviewed for Faculty Honors. 

The GPAs for Faculty Honors are determined each year for the following year (Autumn through Summer) by the UW Bothell Registrar's Office, based on statistics for the current year. The GPA cutoffs may be different for each of the degree programs. For further details and the GPA cutoffs, visit the Registrar's Faculty Honors webpage.

Baccalaureate Honors

Baccalaureate honors (Summa Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude, Cum Laude) are awarded upon graduation to undergraduates earning their first bachelor's degree with at least 90 UW credits, of which at least 60 are numerically graded. Distance Learning courses (those that include the DL prefix) are included in the UW cumulative GPA and therefore count toward baccalaureate honors.

Students who have earned quarterly and/or annual Dean's List recognition do not necessarily qualify for baccalaureate honors.

Dean's List

The Quarterly Dean's List includes the names of matriculated undergraduate students who are pursuing their first undergraduate degree and have attained a quarterly GPA of 3.50 in the final grades for at least 12 graded credits. Appropriate entries regarding inclusion on the Dean's List are made on the student's permanent academic record.

Updated April 2022