Bachelor of Arts in Health Studies

Student Resources

Welcome to the School of Nursing and Health Studies! This is a time of tremendous growth in healthcare and students graduating from this program will be well-positioned for careers that help ensure all people receive excellent health services. 

Understanding and applying the University and program information, guidelines, requirements and overall policies is integral to your success and is expected of you as a student in the Health Studies major. Here you will find information and resources to help you while attending UWB and studying in the Health Studies major. We recommend checking in with a Health Studies advisor once a quarter or more as needed via phone, email, or an in person meeting. We are here to help you! 

In addition to the Health Studies website, newly admitted Health Studies students will be added to a Health Studies Advising Canvas site. Your Canvas site is filled with important academic information and resources handpicked by your academic advisor.

You also have access to many other valuable campus resources. You can find a full list of current student resources here: