Bachelor of Arts in Health Studies

Fieldwork in Health

Through the BHS 496 (Fieldwork in Health) course, the UWB Health Studies major helps students find their niche for a future career in the health sector. BHS 496 complements core program courses, which offer students a population-level and community-based scholarly orientation and knowledge base to understand health.  Through Fieldwork, students are given guidance by faculty members to identify a professional role in a health field they are interested in pursuing; explore the role in a real-world practice setting; and articulate how their learning has prepared them to be qualified, competitive candidates for employment opportunities.

The BHS 496 course is coordinated by faculty and staff to help students connect the dots between academic learning and career ambitions. Students graduate from the UWB Health Studies major with a clear-minded path as to how they will contribute to meeting emergent and future challenges to protect and promote the health of populations in the U.S. and beyond.

 For more information about the Fieldwork course, please review the BHS 496 Policy.

We also encourage you to check out a recording of the Introduction to Fieldwork webinar held in December 2021.

Updated December 2021