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We are hopeful that study abroad travel can resume in 2022. Please note that the programs listed below are pending approval. For the latest updates on UW travel, check the UW Study Abroad coronavirus page. For a complete list of all UW programs now accepting applications click here.

Summer​ 2022

Explorations of Science, Art and Architecture in Italy (Summer A Term)

Led by Andrew Abian, STEM | 6 credits | $5,000 program fee (estimated)

Explore topics related to science, art and architecture from Ancient Roman times to the Modern Age through visits to historical sites, museums, and present day laboratories. Extended stays in Rome, Florence and Venice will include visits to such diverse sites as Ancient Pompeii, the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, the Architecture Biennale in Venice and the European Gravitational Observatory outside Pisa. Students will be housed in small apartments or hostels (cost included in program fee). Students with limited international experience and pre-majors are especially welcome!

The Politics of Soccer in Spain and Beyond (Summer A Term)

Led by Ron Krabill, IAS | 12 credits 

Students will approach soccer as a political and cultural phenomenon examining the ways in which the sport functions as a site for political contestation on regional, national, and international scales. This program will also explore the politics of soccer elsewhere, including human rights violations, corruption surrounding recent and future world cups, and the exploitation of athletes from across the globe.

Arts Workshop: Rome, Signs and Symbols (Summer B Term)

Led by Joe Milutis, IAS | 12 credits | $4,900 program fee (estimated)

An interdisciplinary, hands-on immersion into the language, culture and art of Rome, Italy! Through arts exercises, museum research, city tours, film screening and language learning our focus will be twofold: on the one hand, we will learn to "interpret" this city and its art, full of the signs and symbols of millennia. On the other hand, from the standpoint of the weird collisions and culture clashes that this city offers, we will make art that is based on a heightened perception of Rome as collage, remix, and appropriation. We often talk about Rome as the "origin" of Western Culture, even though there is nothing "original" about it. Greek, African, Middle Eastern influences mix with the Christian, Pagan, and Modern in ways that are dizzying, profound and surreal. A masterclass in #darkacademia, our lab will be the "eternal city" and our textbooks some of the most compelling museums in the world. Students will be housed in apartments within walking distance to the UW Rome Center (cost included in program fee).

Hyphen the World Virtual Internships in India (Summer A Term or Summer Quarter)

Complete a 4- or 9-week project on topics such as reproductive health, transgender rights, and youth leadership, in partnership with a youth-centered community organization in India. The commitment is part-time, about 10 hours per week dedicated to the project and 2-3 hours per week of mentorship/ reflection activities for processing and deepening learning.  

Early Fall 2022

Sustainable Energy in Japan

Led by Steve Collins, STEM, and Hiroshi Miyamoto, IAS | 5 credits of B ME 493

In collaboration with the Faculty of Engineering at Ehime University in Matsuyama, Japan, this course explores advanced topics in thermodynamics related to efficient and sustainable energy conversion systems. Continuing where the thermal fluids series leaves off, it begins with advanced power cycles and their application in mechanical and electric power systems. Other topics include fuels and combustion, wind and solar power, fuel cells, and storage. Students will learn about how power plants work, alternative and renewable energy technologies, and the role of regulation and energy markets in shaping energy supply and demand.

Corporate Social Responsibility in Southeast Asia

Led by James Reinnoldt, Business | 5 credits of BBUS 490

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) refers to a company's responsibility beyond its traditional shareholders in that it promotes the notion that companies need to be responsive to the needs of a broader group of stakeholders that are directly and indirectly impacted by their actions: shareholders, consumers, employees, business partners, suppliers, and even local communities. This program provides students with the opportunity to observe firsthand how companies in developing countries like Thailand and Cambodia are responding to these challenges through CSR programs in partnerships with NGOs, government agencies and local communities. Housing in hotels with breakfast, a few other meals, and all local activities and excursions are included in the program fee. 

Additional programs coming soon!


Previous Programs Led by UWB Faculty

The following programs have been led by UW Bothell faculty in previous years. Some of them may be offered again in 2022 or 2023.

Japan: "Glocal" Studies- Ehime Prefecture in National and Global Contexts

Led by David Goldstein, IAS 
***Planned for Spring Break 2023***

Gender, Culture, and Human Rights in India  (Spring Break)

Led by Alka Kurian and Camille Walsh, IAS

MBA Global Study Tour (Winter Break and Spring Break)

Led by various UWB Business faculty
***Planned for Spring Break 2023***

Critical Perspectives on Ecotourism in Tanzania  (Summer Term A)

Led by Ben Gardner, IAS
***Planned for 2023***

Americans in Europe: Exile & Belonging in France and Spain (Summer Term B)

Led by Alice Pedersen and Jed Murr, IAS

Guatemala: Health Services Delivery in Resource-Poor Settings (Summer Quarter)

Led by Mabel Ezeonwu, NHS

Information, Technology, and Society in Modern South Korea (Early Fall)

Led by Jeffrey Kim, CSS

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