Bachelor of Science in Nursing (First Year Entry)

Student Rights and Responsibilities

Nursing is one of the most honest and ethical professions. As such, nursing students are held to a high standard of ethics and professional standards which are commonly referred to as Nursing Essentials or Professional Behaviors.

As a future nurse, you will work collaboratively with members of the health care team as providers of care, communicators, advocates, and teachers; and you will interact collaboratively with individuals across the lifespan experiencing commonly occurring health alterations.

Therefore, while you are not yet in your nursing program coursework or clinicals your first five quarters, during your first year and beyond as a First Year Nursing student, you are expected to behave in a way that demonstrates maturity, professionalism as a college student and future nurse, collective thinking, respect for individual thought, respect for others, and communicate effectively with your peers, classmates, and university faculty and staff. See the following Student Codes of Conducts for UW Bothell and EvCC and each nursing program.  

For an example of nursing ethics visit The American Nursing Association:

Adopted from the EvCC Nursing Handbook, July 2015

Student Codes of Conduct for UW Bothell and EvCC and the Nursing Behaviors

Review the codes of conducts and what is expected of you as a nursing student in the program. It is the student’s responsibility to know, understand and meet EvCC’s and UWB’s student codes of conduct.

Student Grievance Procedure within the School of Nursing and Health Studies

There may come a time in your college experience that you find yourself in a challenging situation. There is a process for this and a support system in place for you as outlined below.

Resolving a conflict or addressing a concern

Attempts to resolve problems should begin with discussion between the student and instructor or the party at hand if possible.  By clarifying communication, a problem may be resolved quickly.

If this is not successful, students should email the School of Nursing and Health Studies in writing explaining their concern at, which will then be passed on to the Dean. Students should provide the Dean up to two business days to respond and be ready to provide further clarification as requested by the Dean if needed.

The School of Nursing and Health Studies policies are consistent with overall UW Student Academic Grievance Procedures, as detailed in Executive Order No. 58.  

UW Bothell Student Resources for Assistance

As a student, you are not alone. While not exhaustive, below are some links we believe you’ll find helpful. You are encouraged to explore UW Bothell's Resources and that of your Nursing Program at EvCC. If you need assistance understanding your rights and resources to support you through a difficult situation, you can connect with a faculty member, counseling services, or your Academic Advisor.