As you begin your search for funding to pay for your education, keep in mind that there are many resources that provide information about scholarships and other academic awards. Each student must research the scholarships available and find those that best match their skills, experience, interests, and goals. Explore the links below to begin locating scholarship and fellowship opportunities that will help support you during your academic career at UW Bothell.

UW Bothell General Scholarship

Each year we offer general scholarships graciously endowed from individuals, organizations, UW Bothell alumni, businesses, and associations. These scholarships are available to students enrolled at UW Bothell.

How to apply for the UW Bothell General Scholarship

Students who are eligible to apply for the scholarship will receive an email notification from the UW Bothell Financial Aid Office. The email will include a link to the online application form.  The scholarships awarded will be based on financial need and academic merit.  The application due date is April 30, 2023.

External scholarships

There are many sources of information for scholarships and other funding opportunities. Each student must research the scholarships available and find those that best match their skills, experience, interests, and goals.  If you have not already done so, you should begin your funding search by filling out a FAFSA or the WASFA.  Many scholarship organizations will consider financial need when selecting award recipients. 

The following online resources are designed to help students identify which scholarships best match their qualifications; there are several private scholarship search sites that can assist you with this task.

Application tips

  • Start your search early!
  • Know the application due dates
  • Need help writing your personal statement or resume for scholarship applications?  Contact the Career Center.
  • Read more tips on our FAQ page.

Merit scholarships & fellowships

Merit scholarships, fellowships, and awards are based on your future potential as demonstrated by your past achievements. The selection process takes into account your academic achievements, leadership accomplishments and community involvement and the awards sometimes include an internship or other service commitment. Some of the most prestigious and generous opportunities, such as the Fulbright, Beinecke and Carnegie Endowment Junior Fellowship, require nomination by your university.

Have a scholarship check?

Please send scholarship checks to:

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