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Getting Started with 25Live

Getting Started with 25Live at UW Bothell

25Live is UW’s tri-campus application for reserving classrooms and other physical spaces* on campus that provides a quick and easy way to check availability and request space all in one place. 

This training serves as foundational knowledge for anyone needing to view space availability at UW Bothell as well as the first level of training for anyone needing to request scheduling access within 25Live. 

This training includes the following training modules:

Approximate time required to complete modules 1-3 : 30 minutes

How to request event space

To reserve event space in 25Live, you must first complete this Getting Started with 25Live training, then complete the Requesting Space with 25Live training, ensure you have logged into 25Live at least once, then submit the Certificate of Completion to request scheduling access in 25Live.

Module 1 - Sign Into 25Live

We recommend you login to 25Live while reviewing this training.

You must have a UW NetID to login to 25Live. Cascadia College provides information regarding UW NetIDs for Cascadia College students, staff, and faculty.

  1. Click to launch 25Live or copy and paste this link in your browser:
  2. You be prompted to login with your UW NetID and password. University of Washignton Single Sign on form to enter NetID and password
  3. Once logged in, you will be taken to your 25Live Dashboard.

Continue on to Module 2 for more on how to navigate through 25Live and to introduce you to your dashboard.

Module 2 - Navigate through 25Live 

The homepage within 25Live is known as your Dashboard. The Dashboard is where you can view tasks, starred locations, events, or searches. You can customize your Dashboard, use the convenvient top navigation bar, as well as utilize the The Quick Search function directly from your Dashboard.

Visit the 25Live Help page for more information on navigating through 25Live.

Tip: At any point, you can click the 25Live Pro tab in the top navigation bar to bring you back to your Dashboard.

Using Favorites and Starred Items on the Dashboard

In order to effectively utlize your dashboard, you can "star" (or mark as a favorite) pertinent locations, events, or searches. This label will add the starred locations/events/searches to your dashboard widgets for ease of access. We recommend you star your most used locations so those items are easily viewed on your dashboard. 

  1. To find a location to star, use the Go to Search button at the top of the of the 25Live dashboard page highlighting the go to search button.
  2. On the search page, go to the Select Object drop-down menu and choose Locations. Once selected, enter the name of a location. You can use the name of a building (e.g., UW1 or CC1), meeting area (NCEC), or organization (Cascadia or UWB).
    25Live Search page highlighting the Select Object drop-down menu and the Locations menu item listed second
  3. Once Locations is selected, enter the search term [1] and click the Search button [2]. From the search results, select the star to the left of the location name to favorite location [3].Seach location screen shoring [number 1] the search field with the word "Cascadia". [number2] the search button, [numbe 3] a highlighted star next to the CC2-380 location

Visit the 25Live Help page for more information on using favorites and starred items.

Continue on to Module 3 for more information on how to find location availability.

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Module 3 - Viewing location availability

This module focuses on two primary ways to view location availability...

  • If you know WHERE your event should take place -- search by availability
  • If you know WHEN your event should take place -- search by location

Search by Availability

Searching by availability is useful for those who have a specific date/time in mind and need to see all spaces available at that time. PLEASE NOTE: PENDING EVENTS WILL NOT APPEAR IN CALENDAR

  1. To find available spaces, go to the More Menu in the top right corner of the page. More menu is the last item at the top of the page, after the user's full name
  2. Under the Navigate to... section, select Availability.
    Availabililty in the More menu options, after calendar
  3. Select one of the UWB location groups from the drop-down menu (highlighted below by the arrow on the left) to view availability across all locations within that selected group. Keep in mind that when viewing availability for a group of rooms, you may only view one date at a time.HIghlighted are the location drop-down menu located after the legend button and teh calendar lin after the "inlcude requested" checkbox
  4. Most availability grids default to the current day or week. To change the date you are viewing, click on the date (highlighted below) and a calendar will appear.
    Calendar link "Wed Jul/15/2020" located above the month name
  5. Once you have selected the desired date, if you want to know more about that location, click on the name of the location. Go to the Details tab to see the capacity, options, equipment, room layout and photo of the space, etc. as shown in the photo below.DISC 252 Details tab showing a description of the room, capacity, layuts, photo, and other features.

Search by Location

Searching by location is useful for those who have a specific location in mind and need to see all upcoming availability for that space. You have two options for searching by location. You can use the Dashboard Quick Search feature or the Go to Search feature.

Tip: Using the keyword "UWB" will populate the full list of UW Bothell campus spaces in the search results for browsing.

Quick Search
  1. On your dashboard, you may use the Location field in the Quick Search form.
  2. If you know exactly what to search for and you have the building abbreviation (e.g., UW1), room number (e.g., 102) or formal name (e.g., Founders Hall), simply type any of those keywords into the location search fields and press the Enter key or click on the Search button (magnifying glass icon) to populate results.Quick search form showing three fields to search for events, locations and organizations. Search locations is highlighted.
Go to Search
  1. Select the Go to Search button.
    Go to Search button on Dashboard.
  2. Then enter location keywords on the search screen and click Search.Search screen showing the Select object set to Locations, the seach field, and the search button. Below the search area there are some items shown related to the search term.
  3. Once you find your desired location, click on the name of the location to view more detailed availability information. There are two primary tabs for viewing location availablity:
    1. The Availability (Daily) tab will show availability each day for the next 30 days.Availability tab showing the daily availability of the selected room/space
    2. Availability (Weekly) tab will show a weekly view of the location's availability.Availability (Weekly) tab showing when teh room is available on a given week.

Note: As 25Live is a tri-campus system, depending on your level of access, you may see information about spaces located at the Seattle or Tacoma campuses.

Visit the 25Live Help page for more information on searching for events and locations using the Quick Search feature, the Go to Search feature, and to learn more about working with the search results.

Want to learn more about using 25Live?

Additional information on all topics is available in the CollegeNet knowledgebase by selecting the Help icon in the 25Live interface.

Help link with a question mark to the Knowledgebase on the 25Live interface.

Requesting Space using 25Live

Now that you know how to view location availability, learn how to request to space within 25Live with our Space Reservation Training. It's important to complete the Getting Started Training prior to moving on to the Requesting Space Training.

Click here to continue on to the Requesting Space Training.

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