Commuter Services


About UCAR

Thanks to a partnership between UW Bothell Administration Planning & Finance and UW Fleet Services, three Toyota Hybrid Priuses were delivered to campus on Thursday, September 25, 2008 to begin the UW Bothell UCAR Program. These vehicles are available for your use for University business.

The Prius is a combined hybrid, a vehicle that can be propelled by gasoline and/or electric power. The UCARS are conveniently located on the 4th level of the south parking garage. These gas-saving vehicles will be available on an economical hourly rental basis. The UCAR program is dedicated to supporting the transportation needs of the UW community for education, research, outreach and business.

How to use the service

Any UW member with a valid UWNet ID and driver's license will be able to reserve and access the UCAR 24/7. Trip tracking occurs automatically and billing is charged directly to a UW budget number. A copy of the receipt is sent to the reservation contact and department billing contact via email. Reservations will be made through the UW Fleet Services Website.

You will need to set up a UCAR account in advance so it's advisable to do this well before you make a reservation. Request a UCAR account now.

The UCAR Website offers detailed information

If you already have a UCAR account and would like to set up a reservation, please visit the Fleet Services Reservation page

If you have questions on the UCAR program, you may review the UCAR program online at or contact UW Fleet Services at (206) 221-3594.

No previous experience with a Prius?

If you have not driven a Prius before please take time to familiarize yourself with the vehicle (not only are they VERY quiet, but there is no ignition key and the gear shift is somewhat unique!) You are strongly advised to contact the Facilities Services Help Desk to arrange for personal instruction on the vehicle's operation.

There are also detailed illustrated instructions located in the glove compartment of each vehicle and an instruction manual comes attached to the confirmation email that you will receive when you set up your account.