Parking Permits

Valid Permit Required at all Times

Vehicles parked on campus must have a valid parking permit or pay for a daily parking permit. Payment for parking is required and enforced 24/7. This applies to all campus members and visitors.



Parking Locations on Campus

  • South Garage, (closest to UW1, UW2 & Library buildings and Bookstore)
  • South Surface lots (one located on NE 180th St., and one lot south of the South Garage)
  • North Garage (closest to Cascadia Community College)
  • Chase House lot (located east of the South Garage)
  • Campus Way NE (limited parking available)


Purchasing Parking Permits



Any UW Bothell and Cascadia College student, staff, or faculty member with a valid UW Net ID is eligible to purchase a multi-day parking permit through the Bothell Campus Parking Portal. Guests may also purchase a daily permit at pay stations or with PayByPhone.

If you have Cascadia credentials but no UW Net ID, visit the Cascadia website to create a UW Net ID prior to visiting the Bothell Campus Parking Portal. It takes 48 hours for a new Net ID credentials to become active in the new parking system. Do not attempt to log in prior to the 48 hours.

Daily Parking

Daily parking permits can be purchased at the Pay Stations or with PayByPhone. Always make sure to enter the correct license plate number. Washington plates are seven characters in length- first 3 characters are letters and remaining 4 are numbers. Ex: ABC-1234. 

Pay Stations

Pay Stations are located at the entrance of parking garages and lots. Parking permit options are full-day (expires 11:59 pm) or 3.5-hour permits. For permit price, visit the Rates page. Please note the following:

  • If a 3.5 hour permit is purchased, parking time cannot be extended. An additional 3.5-hour permit or a full-day parking permit can be purchased.
  • Pay station does not give any change in cash or coins. 
  • If there are any issues with payment at the pay station, please contact Commuter Services by phone at 425.352.3369.

You can now pay for parking in most Bothell Campus parking areas with a few taps on your phone. When you’re ready to park, select your parking location and the amount of time you want to park.

You do not need to display a receipt on your vehicle or use a pay station if you pay for parking with the app. Parking permissions are validated with vehicle’s plate number by parking enforcement. All parking rates and policies remain the same, regardless of how you pay for parking. Refunds are not available. 

Get started

To register, download the PayByPhone app and enter your license plate and payment information. You can also use an existing account (for example, if you’ve already been using the app to pay for street parking).

Where to park

There are select locations where PayByPhone is valid. You may park in any general parking space in the valid area you select on the app. The app may be used to pay for disabled parking. A valid disability parking placard (UW or state-issued) must be displayed at all times.

Currently active Lots:

  • All main campus lots, Husky Hall, Husky Village, Campus View and UW Beardslee Building (Enter area code 62000). Only park in campus permit designated spaces
  • UW Beardslee Crossing (Enter area code 62001). Be sure to only park in UWB designated spaces
  • Campus Way (Enter area code 62002)

PayByPhone parking cannot be used for:

  • Husky Village resident spaces
  • Campus View resident spaces
  • Faculty/Staff spaces on level 1 of North Garage
Benefits of PayByPhone

Benefits include:

  • Adding* more time without going back to a pay station
  • Receive text message reminders about parking expiration time
  • Easy to register: you can choose to pay without an account too
  • Pay with your preferred card, including Apple Pay or Google Pay

*Adding parking time will charge additional $5 for 3.5 hours. You cannot extend 3.5-hour parking to full-day parking.

Annual and Quarterly Permits

All quarterly and annual parking permits must be ordered online via the Parking Portal.

To purchase a quarterly or annual virtual permit, log on to the parking portal using your UW Net ID.  Proceed to the Cashier's Office located in Husky Hall to make payment with cash or check. Visit the Virtual Permits page for more information.

All elligible employees choosing payroll deduction will order their permit online and agree to the terms shown on the Parking Portal to authorize their payroll deduction


Carpool permits can be purchased online via the Parking Portal. For more information, visit the Carpools & Rideshare page

For Carpool permits, purchase the permit online, then submit form online during purchase at the Parking Portal. All vehicles must be registered to the parking permit for use while parked on campus. 

Adding additional vehicles to a permit

All permits (except for resident parking permits) are allowed to associate up to 4 vehicles with a parking permit. Please note only one vehicle may be parked on campus per day. To add additional vehicles to your parking permit, please follow the steps outlined in the document below:

Adding Vehicles to Parking Permit

Resident Housing Parking Permits (Students only)

Housing parking permits are only available for residents of Husky Village. Prices for resident parking permits can be seen on the Rates page.

Each resident may have only one vehicle with a resident parking permit.

Residents must submit both their personal vehicle registration and the agreement form (found below), online at the Parking Portal.

Resident Housing Parking Permit Agreement Form


Retiree parking permit

If you are a fully retired employee from UW Bothell campus and occasionally coming to campus, please visit Commuter Services at Husky Hall. Please contact Commuter Services prior to your visit to arrange a one-day permit. 

Rehired retiree parking permit

For those that are rehired at 40% FTE you are eligible to receive a 50% discount off a quarterly permit. This permit must be paid through payroll deduction. 

RV and Motorhome Parking

No unauthorized overnight parking of RV or motorhomes is permitted on campus.

Parking Permit Student Refund Policy

The following are the refund deadlines:

  •   There are no parking permit refunds after the 31st calendar day of the quarter.
  •   Parking permits can be canceled through the 7th calendar day of the quarter with a full refund.
  •   Canceling on the 8th through the 30th calendar day of the quarter allows 50 percent refund.

To request for a refund prior to the refund deadline, please email Commuter Services with your UW Net ID information. Credit Card purchases will be refunded back to the original credit card. Cash or check purchases will refunded in the form of a check issued to the permit holder. 

If you are a staff/faculty member, with a payroll deducted permit, please visit the Staff Faculty Payroll page.

Privacy Notice

Privacy Notice for License Plate Recognition for Parking Management

The Privacy Notice applies to individuals who provide personal data to the University of Washington, in connection with vehicle license plate recognition hardware and software for parking systems at the UW and Cascadia College campus's parking lots and structures. For additional information on the Privacy Notice regarding the collection, use, and sharing of personal data, please visit the webpage, Privacy Notice for License Plate Recognition. 


Parking Off Campus

All students, staff, and faculty represent UW Bothell / Cascadia College. If parking off‐campus, we ask that you be courteous to and conscious of our UW Bothell community neighbors. This includes, but is not limited to, leaving room for residents to turn out of their driveways; not parking in front of fire hydrants or mailboxes, and taking all your trash with you. The cost of parking on campus is a consideration; however, we want to be a good neighbor.


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