Educational Studies Major

Program Requirements

Educational Studies Major Requirements

To earn the B.A. in Educational Studies, students must complete all university and major requirements listed below.

UW Bothell Requirements

  • Earn 180 university credits
  • 5 credits - Composition (C)
  • 10 credits - Writing Across the Curriculum (W)
  • 5 credits - Quantitative & Symbolic Reasoning (QSR)
  • 3 credits - Diversity (D)
  • 15 credits - Visual, Literary & Performing Arts (VLPA)
  • 15 credits - Individuals & Societies (I&S)
  • 15 credits - Natural World (NW)

Major Requirements


Concentration Area Electives

Students must select a concentration area, but can enroll in up to 10 credits of Educational Studies and/or Other Department electives from the other concentration.

Course Petitions

  • SES Course Petition Form (must be logged in to UW G Suite account)
  • Course Petitions are sent to Educational Studies faculty for consideration on the 15th of each month. Decisions will be sent to students by the 1st of the following month.
  • Students can petition up to 10 credits of Educational Studies major coursework.
  • Petitions can include:
    • Enroll in course not listed on the Educational Studies or Other Department Electives lists
    • Enroll in course over 10-credit maximum from other concentration