Degree Completion Requirements

M.Ed. Degree Requirements

Both concentrations within the Master of Education program require students to earn a minimum of 37 credits.  These credits are earned through completion of professional seminar courses, core courses, an elective course, and a completion dossier.  See below for specific course requirements for each concentration.

Professional Seminars (10 credits)

Required for both Concentrations

B EDUC 501: Inquiry in Education (5 credits)
B EDUC 502: Identity and Reflective Practice (5 credits)

These courses focus on the examination of research methodologies and the generation of research questions. 

Core Area Courses (20 credits)

Critical Educational Change and Leadership

B EDUC 512: Social Justice Education: Oppression, Resistance, and Liberation (5 cr)
B EDUC 550: Critical Pedagogy (5 cr)
B EDUC 580: Critical Policy (5 cr)
B EDUC 504: Enacting Agency for Social Justice

English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Endorsement

B EDUC 541: Second Language Acquisition, Bilingual Education, and Structure of English (5 cr)
B EDUC 542: Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment in ESOL (5 cr)
B EDUC 543: Practicum in ESOL (5 cr)
B EDUC 544: Leadership, Advocacy, and Program Assessment (5 cr)

A detailed outline of the ESOL coursework, including sequencing, and practicum placement information, can be found here:

Elective Course (5 credits)

One 5-credit elective or two 3-credit electives (400 or 500 level) from other core areas in the M.Ed. program, classes offered by the School of Educational Studies or other UWB schools, or from the UW Seattle or UW Tacoma campuses.

Completion Dossier (2 credits)

B EDUC 594: M.Ed. Completion Dossier

This final course provides an opportunity for candidates to demonstrate comprehensive knowledge, skills and dispositions associated with the program's overall goals for academic learning and improvement of professional practice in education. The Completion Dossier ensures breadth of academic work and application of knowledge in each candidate's work toward the M.Ed. degree. 

Additional Requirements

In addition to the above requirements, you must meet the following requirements set forth by the UW Graduate School in order to receive the M.Ed. degree:

  • At least 18 numerically graded credits must be taken at the 500 level or above.
  • The Graduate School accepts numerical grades (1) in approved 400-level courses accepted as part of the major, and (2) in all 500 level course work.
  • A minimum cumulative G.P.A. of 3.00 is required.
  • All work for the Master of Education degree must be completed within six years.
  • No courses below the 400 level will be accepted.

For additional Graduate School requirements that may apply to you, see the University of Washington Graduate School Policies and Procedures.

Program Highlights

  • M.Ed degree completed in 1 year (full-time)
  • Evening classes
  • Less than $24,000 tuition*
  • Cohorts Begin Autumn Quarter
  • Renowned faculty of researchers and K12 educators

M.Ed. Advisor

Michele Graaff

"They give you confidence, they work with you, and really just the camaraderie that was on that campus was phenomenal."

-Katie Peffer, Northshore School District, UW Bothell M.Ed., NBCT