Steering Committee


The Diversity Center Steering Committee was charged by the Chancellor and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs in June of 2016 to provide recommendations for the UW Bothell Diversity Center. The Committee would like to take this opportunity to update the campus community on our progress and next steps.


Steering Committee Recommendation Report and Executive Summary have been provided to the UW Bothell Chancellor and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs on December 16, 2016. For more information, please review the Consultant Report written by an Independent Consultant hired by UWB, Dr. Dafina-Lazarus (D-L) Stewart.

Steering Documents


Students & Alumni

  • Aretha Basu
  • Micaela Coronel
  • Tiarra Fentress
  • Omar Gonzalez
  • Oneira Gonzalez
  • Dominick Juarez
  • Shugla Kakar
  • Alejandra Pérez
  • Hillary Sanders
  • Umar Shah
  • Armaan Singh
  • Tia Yang

Faculty & Staff 

  • George Theo (Chair)
  • Wayne Au
  • Dorothy Baumgartner
  • Warren Buck
  • Cheryl Cook
  • Kari Lerum
  • Marlene Manzo
  • Leah Shelton
  • Janelle Silva
  • Rosemary Simmons