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Not sure if you’re ready? Contact a First Year and Pre-Major Academic Advisor for assistance. First Year and Pre-Major Academic Advisors have the experience and information to help guide you as you navigate through the university. They can explain requirements, procedures, and help you plan for a major. They’ll discuss how to match interests with opportunities at UW Bothell and how to integrate your academic and career plans.

Who should submit this application?

Only currently-enrolled UW Bothell students who are applying to their desired major should submit a major application. This application is not intended for future transfer students and/or future first-year students looking to apply to UW Bothell.

When should you apply?

To view more information about when to apply to your desired major, please click on the links below:

How do you complete the major application?

  1. Access the major application by clicking here
  2. Use your UW email to log into the application
  3. Click “Start New Application”
    • This should default to the quarter(s) that are currently available and open for admission.
  4. Complete each required section of the application:
    1. Current Student Status:
      • Confirm you are a current UW Bothell undergraduate student.
    2. Personal:
      • Demographic information (name, date of birth, address, email address, phone number, etc.).
    3. Academic History:
      • Choose the major you’d like to apply to.
      • Answer questions as required by the major.
      • Include list of prerequisite courses for your major, and grades received (as required).
    4. School History:
      • List all colleges/universities you’ve attended (include UW Bothell).
      • Starting with your unofficial UW Bothell transcript, upload a copy of your college/university transcripts to the application.
    5. Additional Materials:
      • Personal Statement: Upload your personal statement as a Word or PDF document.
        • “Choose” the file from your computer/desktop, then click “Upload”.
      • Resume (if needed): Upload your resume as a Word or PDF document.
      • Additional Comments: In this space, you can include a message about anything more you’d like the admissions committee to know.
    6. Signature:
      • Type your full legal name in the box, certifying that all of the information you’ve listed in the application is true.
    7. Review:
      • Review that everything has been completed successfully.
    8. Submit!
      • That’s it, you’re done. You will receive an email that your application is successfully submitted.


These frequently asked questions provide specific information regarding the major application at the University of Washington Bothell:

What do I need to complete the major application?

This list contains a checklist of items to have ready when you submit your major application:

  1. List of prerequisite courses for your intended major
    • Name of the course and the course grade (Ex: BWRIT 134; 3.3 GPA).
    • Refer to the Major Planning Worksheets page to learn more about your intended major’s prerequisites.
  2. UW Student ID Number
  3. Unofficial transcripts
  4. Personal statement
    • It’s recommended that you include a PDF or Word document of your personal statement to upload directly in the online application.
  5. Resume (if needed)
    • If the application asks for a resume, please include a word or PDF version.
  6. Portfolio or Additional Materials (if needed, varies by program)
    • Unless otherwise stated in the application, please include a Word or PDF version of your materials.

What if I need to stop in the middle of the application and want to finish later?

You can stop anywhere within the application and will be able to return where you left off. To ensure you come back to the same application you started originally:

  • Navigate back to the application link.
  • Under Returning users, click “Log in” to continue an application, you’ll see this Application Portal login page.
screenshot of student login portal entry
  • Log in using your UW email and the password you created previously.
  • Click the link indicating the quarter of the application you started previously.
  • You’ll see on the portal page that the application you’ve started has a status of “In Progress”.
Screenshot of student status portal with application period highlighted in yellow
  • This should take you back to where you left off.
  • Continue the application and submit, when ready!

Who do I contact if I have questions about the major application?

This list contains resources for where to learn more or who to contact if you have questions about the major application:  

Having technical issues with your application?

Contact the Major Application Team at if you’re experiencing any technical issues with your major application. We will answer your questions as soon as we can.

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Please note: this application is intended only for currently-enrolled UW Bothell students.

Need help?

Contact the Major Application team at if you’re experiencing any technical issues with your application. 

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