Core Courses

Core Curriculum (16-19 credits)

The MSCSE core curriculum creates a baseline of knowledge for students to operate within the world of cyber security. Core classes balance the needs of security engineers to apply secure development concepts coupled with theoretical computer science; all within a framework of ethical best practices.

In addition to the cybersecurity classes, all students must take a 1 credit faculty seminar, and a writing assessment exam in their first quarter of enrollment.  The Writing Assessment results will place students into (or out of) the technical writing skills courses, a total of 3 credits. All students in the MSCSE degree program must take these core courses to fulfill the breadth of knowledge requirements.

Cyber Security Core Knowledge:

CSS 517 Information Assurance and Cybersecurity (5)
CSS 537 Network and System Security (5)
CSS 577 Secure Software Development (5)

Faculty Seminar:

All students must take a 1 credit CSS 599: Faculty Seminar. The seminar gives students the opportunity to interact and learn about current research conducted by the CSS faculty.  It is recommended students take this course in their first quarter, so that they are made familiar with current research early in their academic career. The course is 1 credit, and the class typically meets one hour per week.
CSS 599 Faculty Seminar (1)

Writing Assessment & Writing Skills Courses:

Graduate level competency on technical and scientific writing is a critical area of knowledge for students in any master’s degree. In the students first quarter of enrollment they will be given a writing assessment. Based on the results of the writing assessment, students may place out of any required coursework, or they will place into:
CSSSKL 511 Technical Writing (1)
CSSSKL 594 Scientific Writing for Thesis/Project (2)

For more information on the writing assessment, please read our Writing Assessment Student guide. For Writing Assessment scoring information, please see Writing Assessment Rubric.