Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors are current graduate students in the Cultural Studies program who have volunteered to connect with prospective and newly admitted students and answer any questions you may have about the student experience.

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Meet the Cultural Studies Student Ambassadors

Julie Feng, 2019 Cohort

Julie FEngHi, I'm Julie! I'm a second year Master of Arts in Cultural Studies (MACS) student at UW Bothell. I'm pursuing this path because I sought an interdisciplinary and generative program that would build my skills towards a multi-sector career in academia, arts, and communications. MACS has been a space for connecting with amazing people and focusing on what I am passionate about. My research interests include radical rhetorics, movement art, reframing narratives around immigration, community power, resistance, and liberatory methodologies. 

I was born in Taipei, Taiwan and grew up in South King County, WA. After I received my B.A. in English/Creative Writing from UW Seattle, I worked variously in public school classrooms, freelance writing, gender justice, and youth development. Now, besides being in graduate school, I also work in communications for education equity and do cultural consultation. My community commitments are incredibly important to me—in particular, I'm involved in survivorship circles based in transformative justice and I serve on the Board of Directors for Powerful Voices, an organization that creates brave spaces for girls of color to grow as leaders and activists. I also see my art practices, especially poetry, as part of my scholarship and community work. 

Being a Cultural Studies scholar energizes all of my current undertaking and my future goals. This year, I'm also an Imagining America Publicly Active Graduate Education (PAGE) fellow, and I'm looking forward to developing my research in more creative and socially-engaged ways. 

If you have any questions about the Cultural Studies program or just want to connect, please reach out! Contact me at

Sandra J., 2019 Cohort

Sandra JHi y’all, I’m Sandra J.! I pursued this program seeking an educational space that reflected the complexities between intergenerational knowledge generated from harmful/hopeful experiences of resistance (theory) and direct application of that theory to facilitate accountability and healing (praxis). While receiving my B.A. in Literature/Writing and Critical Gender Studies from University of California, San Diego, I worked this theory/praxis divide by getting involved in multiple undergraduate activist collective spaces centered on the intersections of queer/trans people of color community issues around intimate partner violence, accountability, and healing.  I also got involved in a student-led non-profit center addressing the educational barriers of systemic racism and classism. 
My current research interests include transformative justice, prison abolition, harm reduction, and community based methods of addressing harm and sexual violence. Having been raised in the Bay Area, nurtured in San Diego, and in the process of finding roots in Olympia, WA, my chosen communities have taught me over and over how love and abuse unfortunately co-exist within the same spheres but that community based survivor driven solutions have the possibility to rectify these nuances. 
MACS has been a wonderful space and opportunity for me to tread the calm and treacherous waters of these nuances whether it be working with a faculty member to problematize these same questions through a Directed Research project; travelling to a conference on the intersections of sexual violence, racism, and queerness with a Graduate School Conference Travel Fund Grant; or grounding myself in the educational relationships between professor and student as a Graduate Peer Facilitator.  
Initially, my goal was to become a tenured research professor facilitating participatory action research with/for anti-carceral communities supporting survivors of sexual violence. But as of right now, I feel pretty unsure about the potentiality of that future. And that’s okay! I did choose this program to try and figure that out, after all. 
If you have any questions about the Cultural Studies program, want to talk about navigating the lifelong theory/praxis divide, or just want to connect, please reach out! Contact me at

Mary Mobarak, 2019 Cohort

Mary MobarakI am a second year graduate student for the Master of Arts in Cultural Studies here at University of Washington Bothell. I was raised in Orlando, FL but have been living in Seattle for 7 years. I received my B.A. in Humanities at the University of Central Florida. After bouncing around in a few different industries I decided it was time to fulfill a lifelong goal of achieving my masters.

I appreciate the Cultural Studies program because it is flexible and collaborative. After being out of higher education for nearly 10 years it was an adjustment to come back to school, but this program is designed to be accessible to all types of students at all stages in life. I am a former volunteer at the Orange County Regional History Center in Orlando, FL, and the Museum of Pop Culture here in Seattle. These experiences assisted me in understanding where I wanted to take my education and how I would facilitate the career roles I wish to pursue.

My goal is to use the knowledge I gain in this program to be a more inclusive, equitable, and aware creative writer, while pursuing a career as community college instructor or working in museum education programs. I began my higher education career at a community college and I believe that they are integral in giving students from varied and diverse backgrounds the opportunity to achieve their education goals My research interests include representation in Sci Fi/Fantasy in film, literature, and tabletop RPGS, museum studies, education, and curriculum. Feel free to contact me with any questions, or, if you are like me, and thinking about coming to higher education after a long break, perhaps I can help address any concerns or anxieties about making the decision to return and pursue a master’s degree. Contact me at

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