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2021 - 2022 Schedule

Autumn Quarter 

Required Courses

Year 1: BCULST 500 Formations in Cultural Studies (5 credits)
T 5:45 - 10 pm, Susan Harewood (SLN#11361) 

Year 2: BCULST 510 Engaging Cultural Studies  (5 credits)
T 5:45 - 10 pm, Ben Gardner (SLN#11362) 

Elective Courses

BCULST  592 Topics in Cultural Research: Black Arts North/West  (5 credits)
W 5:45 - 10 pm,  Jed Murr (SLN#22898) 

This course explores what theorist and poet Fred Moten calls the “autonomous aesthetic thrust of Black radicalism” as it has taken shape in multiple formations on the West Coast of the U.S. and in the Pacific Northwest from the 1960s to the present. Drawing on interdisciplinary scholarship that resituates African American and Black diasporic life and politics on the West Coast in comparative and transnational frames, the course seeks to (1) collectively investigate this new body of scholarship with a specific focus on the Pacific Northwest; (2) provide students opportunities to do place-based research and critical and creative writing about local political and aesthetic movements; and (3) explore together recent Black Digital Humanities projects as examples of public-facing, accountable, participatory, and accessible scholarship.

BCULST 593 Topics in Cultural Studies: Urban Planning and Geography (5 credits)
W 5:45 - 10 pm, Jin-Kyu Jung (SLN #22961) 

The ‘urban’ is always dynamic and contested, as people struggle to understand what is so distinctive and fundamentally urban about the important social, cultural, political, economic transformations of our time and place. However, there is no doubt that the urban is at the heart of many fields of inquiry. The class will provide anyone interested in studying cities with knowledge that they can use and build upon as active citizens in their communities. We will take the social-spatial dialectic approach—that is, the idea that society and space mutually condition/constitute each other—as a lens through which to view the inner workings of urban areas:  how and where people work, play, raise families, engage in economic and political exchange, grow communities, and ‘shape’ cities. Students will explore ‘urban things’ from an interdisciplinary perspective.  View syllabus

Winter Quarter 

Required Courses

Year 1: BCULST 502 Cultural Studies Research Practices (5 credits)
T 5:45-10:00 pm, Christian Anderson (SLN#) 

Year 2: BCULST 511 Portfolio and Professional Development (1 credit)
T  5:45-10:00 pm, Dan Berger (SLN#) 
**Dates TBD

Elective Courses 


Spring Quarter 

Required Courses

Year 1: BCULST 501 Cultural Studies as Collaboration (5 credits)
T 5:45-10:00 pm, Ron Krabill (SLN#) 

Year 2: BCULST 512 Cultural Studies and its Publics (10 credits)
Th 5:45-10:00 pm, Naomi Macalalad Bragin (SLN#) 

Elective Courses 


Electives, by arrangement

Please see the appropriate petition forms for the following elective requests. 

Outside Courses: Students wishing to receive elective credit for courses taken in other departments (either at UW Bothell or UW Seattle) must submit for approval a Petition for Outside Coursework.

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