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""Get ahead in tech: Seattle-area degrees and certificates that prep students for hot jobs

The Seattle Times recently detailed five popular fields and related programs for those considering returning to college for an advanced degree in technology, and all three UW Bothell Computing & Software Systems graduate programs were highlighted. Read the Seattle Times article.

virtual reality headsetUndergraduates in research: Getting paid to make a difference

"The Earth is struggling. Humans are killing it and new disasters are occurring at an alarming rate. UW Bothell [interactive media & design major, computer science & software engineering minor] student Andrew McDonald wants to help change the world by taking advantage of augmented reality games." Read the UW Daily article.

Elaine Scott and Ian HeisserTransfer students welcome in STEM

Visiting prospective students gathered on March 2 for STEM day, where they engaged in mock classes with professors and toured the campus to get a closer look at scientific labs and the Makerspace in Discovery Hall. STEM Day is designed to show what it's like to be a STEM student. Keynote speaker Ian Heisser, director of technology within financial services at Expedia and member of the School of STEM advisory board, challenged attendees to think of a field not influenced by STEM. Read the UW Bothell STEM Day article.

Noah Brown, a student from the VR Hackathon campDeveloping fun new science camps for kids

Crows: Caws and Effect is the newest Pacific Science Center camp set to start this coming summer. The first was a Java coding camp that grew out of Kelvin Sung’s, Computing & Software Systems professor, research on teaching computer programming by having students design video games. Read the UW Bothell science camps article.

ACM club University of Washington BothellComputing club offers professional development

Interviewing practice is just one of the professional development programs offered by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) club to advance the careers of UW Bothell students and promote technical awareness. Read the UW Bothell ACM article.

Capstone Student Julia OwsenCapstone projects merge into tech careers

Students are prepared for the real world through capstone projects, demonstrating their research knowledge in a particular area or learning experiences from an internship/community-based project with partners. "Many of the Computer Science and Software Engineering majors who presented capstone projects for fall quarter had internships or similar experience that positioned them to move into high-demand jobs in technology." Read the UW Bothell article.

Yellow autonomous self-driving tricycle idleAutonomous tricycle transportation transformation

Students are working with Tyler Folsom, School of STEM faculty member, to create a tricycle that will drive itself, ultimately leading to a world where we reduce the amount of time sitting in traffic. University of Washington Bothell computer engineering major Ben Rockhold and classmates Taylor and Alex trial the tricycle in a King 5 video. “They say the autonomous tricycle could start a transportation transformation because it’s much smaller and lighter than a car,” said King 5. Learn more in a GeekWire article: Forget Autonomous cars. How about an electric, self-driving tricycle for a cheaper, safer alternative?

Image process diagram of a drone being operated in the sky compared to researchers locationMulti-View Augmented and Virtual Reality from a Drone Perspective

“Augmented Reality (AR) is not only a popular topic nowadays – it also enjoys a plethora applications where users have access to controllable alternative viewing positions based on a device and its camera.” Kelvin Sung, Computing & Software Systems professor, and Alumnus Aaron Hitchcock’s (MSCSSE ‘18) are recognized for their published study “Multi-view augmented reality with a drone”. The work is part of the investigation of the Cross Reality Collaboration Sandbox Research Group 5 at the University of Washington Bothell. Read the Drone Below article.


Tanya Kumar and Drew Morin at T-MobileInternship launches cyber career at T-Mobile

An internship with T-Mobile while Tanya Kumar was a University of Washington Bothell student launched her cybersecurity career as an information security analyst with the company in Washington, D.C. Read the UW Bothell cybersecurity article.

Sonia Saravanan behind the scenes at UPSIntern innovates at UPS

Sonia Saravanan, a dual major in Computer Science and Finance, applied what she’s learned at the University of Washington Bothell — plus her entrepreneurial spirit —at an IT internship with United Parcel Service in Singapore. Read the UW Bothell UPS intern article.

Cybersecurity draws Rep. DelBene to campusZach Ruble speaks with Rep. Suzan DelBene

The threat to the election system is real, Rep. Suzan DelBene told attendees at a cybersecurity event Thursday, Oct. 11, at the University of Washington Bothell. Read the UW Bothell DelBene cybersecurity article.

Pierre Mourad encouraging capstone team of students.Capstones turn tech into stroke therapy

The University of Washington Bothell has leveraged several student engineering and computer science capstone projects to advance innovative therapies for stroke patients. The latest group of students, under the direction of Professor Pierre D. Mourad, designed a high-tech glove that patients could wear as they retrain their injured brain to make hand and arm movements. Read the UW Bothell capstone article.

Tyler Folsom and research team of students work on autonomous trike upgradesUW Bothell advances self-driving trike

The self-driving tricycle project at the University of Washington Bothell is rolling forward, giving students the opportunity to develop engineering and computing skills in the field of autonomous vehicles. Read the UW Bothell trike article.

Pen to Paper retreat participant groupFaculty write about community engagement at Pen to Paper Retreat

Two faculty from the School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences and CSS Lecturer Arkady Retik from the University of Washington Bothell participated in the 2018 Pen to Paper Retreat in August. The two-and-a-half-day writing retreat brought scholars -- faculty, professional staff, graduate students, and community partners -- together for time focused on writing with, for, and about community engagement.

Retik’s project focused on the current UW Bothell CSS 295 K-12 Computing Education course which aims to prepare students to teach programming to a K-12 audience. It also involves community partners enabling students to deliver classes in local communities. Due to time and space constraints, this course is only available to a dozen of students. Through a Community Based Learning Research fellowship, Retik aims to expand participation, improve access, and enrich the course experience and benefits to both our students and community partners. Read the UW Bothell article focused on the IAS faculty.