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Academic Advising

Meet the Academic Advising team: 


​Chris Shaeffer

Academic Advisor
Students, email:
Non-students, email:

Mary Ramirez

Academic Advisor
Students, email:
Non-students, email:


Kristen Attebery

Academic Advisor
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Max Nguyen

Student Assistant
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Schedule an appointment online!

Checking in for your appointment

If you have scheduled an appointment, please follow the instructions below in order to check in:


Visit the STEM Undergraduate Academic Services Office is located in Discovery 352. Please note, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we will not be holding in-person appointments until further notice.

Online via Zoom

Visit this link at your appointment time to enter the Zoom waiting room, and your advisor will be with you shortly.

Chris: https://washington.zoom.us/my/uwbcss.chris

Kristen: https://washington.zoom.us/my/uwbcss.kristen

Mary: https://washington.zoom.us/my/uwbcss.mary

Drop-in advising

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there will be no regular drop-in hours for Winter or Spring 2021 quarters. Please schedule an appointment above or send us an email at cssadv@uw.edu. If you are having an emergency, please contact our front desk at 425-352-3746 or stemadv@uw.edu for more immediate assistance.

Non-CSS Students

Our CSS-Majors Advising team work with students who have already been admitted to the Applied Computing or Computer Science and Software Engineering program. Please review the contact information below to reach out to the appropriate advising office. This helps make sure your questions are answered in a timely manner.

Prospective Students

Transfer Students

Students outside of UWB (including UW Seattle and UW Tacoma students) should contact uwbinfo@uw.edu to speak with our partners in Admissions with questions about our CSS programs. See our CSS Admissions page for additional information.

UWB Pre-majors

Pre-major students should contact the First Year and Pre-Major Programs Advisors at uwbadvis@uw.edu with questions about CSS programs.

Current UWB Majors

UWB students who have already been admitted a degree program who wish to explore changing their declared major to a CSS program may email cssadv@uw.edu to make an appointment with a CSS Advisor.

CSS Minor Students

Students interested in a CSS minor must declare their minor with their Major Advisor once completing the prerequisites. Current CSS minor students wishing to take CSS courses must fill out the Non-Majors Seat Enrollment Request form. Contact cssadv@uw.edu with additional questions about CSS minors.

Cross-Campus Enrollment

UW Seattle and UW Tacoma students wishing to register for UWB courses must fill out the Non-Majors Seat Enrollment Request form. Please review the instructions on the form carefully, as they provide details about CSS class enrollment policies. Contact cssadv@uw.edu with additional questions about cross-campus enrollment.


The CSS program provides tutors each quarter for certain courses and for general consultation. To view the most current tutoring schedule, please see the link below. In addition, tutoring schedules will be posted in the Linux (UW1-320) and Windows (UW1-310) labs.

QSC CSS Tutor Schedule



Pre-major students:

Transfer applicants:

Computer Engineering majors: