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Division of Computing & Software Systems

Established in 1996, CSS offers degrees in computer science and computer systems applications. The Division of Computing & Software Systems offers high academic standards and expectations with a reputation characteristic of the University of Washington. The Bothell campus offers the advantages of a small campus with its excellent teaching and research opportunities, and a sense of community that comes from its comfortable size and congenial atmosphere.

Office Information

  • Office: DISC-352
  • Phone: (425) 352-3746
  • Fax: (425) 352-5216
  • Email:

Mailing Address

Computing & Software Systems (CSS)
University of Washington Bothell
Box 358534
18115 Campus Way NE
Bothell, WA 98011

First Time Visitor?

Visit the UW Bothell Visitors page for information on our location, driving direction, bus schedules and routes, as well as a campus map.


Our purpose is to be a collaborative community that provides cross-disciplinary education and research in computer science and software engineering, resulting in lifelong personal growth for our graduates, impact on our profession, and economic growth and social justice in our communities.


Accomplishing our mission results in the following:

  • Our community of faculty, staff, and students are known for their collaborative and caring spirit.
  • Our curriculum is intellectually rigorous, includes a healthy balance of theory and application, and prepares students for cross-disciplinary work.
  • Our research is known for its academic excellence, interdisciplinarity, social relevance, and connection to the education of our students.
  • Our graduates are lifelong learners who continuously seek to make an impact in their companies and communities.
  • Our industry and local community partners value us as true collaborators in helping drive economic and social change.