Husky Cache: Student Research Repository

Husky Cache

Husky Cache: Student Research Repository

Collecting and Connecting High-Impact Experiencesstudents in wetlands doing research

The Husky Cache opened in February 2023!Visit Husky Cache (UW NetID Required)

The Husky Cache is a hub where research and creative works enhancing the student journey can be collected and shared. Our goal is to foster a community of student researchers and promote the dissemination of knowledge. On the Husky Cache, you can find past projects from the UW Bothell student community. We invite you to share your own research projects and inspire others. 

What to submit

The Husky Cache is a shared platform to archive research and other creative works produced across campus showcasing student projects from a variety of fields.

Please submit any of the following:

  • Project title, summary/abstract, student names involved, and faculty or staff mentor names, and if an organizational or business partner was involved
  • Full datasets, method details, and results
  • Research posters and presentation slides from a symposium or capstone showcase
  • Videos with details about your research or project. This includes interactive media art projects, film festivals, video production, etc.
  • If you published in a peer-reviewed external publication. This includes co-authoring the paper or assisting as a lab tech in the research
  • Photos of your research (pictures of plants, microscope slides, landscape, lab bench, etc) and you actively doing research
  • Final summaries or papers. We recommend you wait for your mentor's edits and comments and then submit a corrected version
  • Any other details a future researcher in your field will find useful - maps, bibliographies, hard to find surveys, etc.

Who can submit

Earn a Husky Cache and Collaboration Badge

Logo of husky cache and collaboration badge with cloud and networking iconThis badge is awarded to researchers in the UW Bothell family (students, staff, faculty, and alumni) who submit summaries of their research and creative works to the Husky Cache Directory. These projects should be about their scholarly activity, research, or artistic practice they have conducted while at UW Bothell.

The Husky Cache is a repository available to the UW community (people with an active UW NetID log-in or alumni) to search for projects completed by former students and researchers. As researchers complete projects, they submit summaries of their work, including data and permanent contact information, so future scholars can build on their work. This repository allows future scholars to be more informed during the project design phase, to participate in a broader network of local collaborators, and to ensure novel questions and topics are explored.

The scholar must submit a final product of their work including an abstract and their findings. This may include photos and graphics, a poster presented, a final paper, and/or raw data files. For creative works, it may include a summary of the presentation, videos, poetry, or pictures of any 3D art or installations.

The Director of the Research and Creative Projects for Undergraduates can be consulted about questions regarding project file types at


  • Scholars must submit their own work
  • Scholar must submit their project online to: If scholar no longer has a UW NetID (alumni), they can submit their project here:
  • All scholars that submit their projects to the Husky Cache will receive a badge within 10 business days. This badge is awarded by Research and Creative Projects for Undergraduates, Connected Learning.

Skills Used:

  • scholarly activity
  • networking
  • organizational skills
  • writing skills
  • science collaboration
  • data analysis

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Scholars can receive one badge per project per year. If the project extends for more than one year, the student can receive a new badge each year. This badge can be combined with others, even if it is for the same project. For example, a student that submits their project to the Husky Cache can receive a Husky Cache & Collaboration Badge. If they also present at a symposium for the same project, they can earn a Symposium Badge too. If they published in an external journal, they may qualify for the External Publication Badge.

Contact Sarah Verlinde-Azofeifa with questions at