Student Opportunities

student-opportunities: Scholarships, awards, felowships, conferences, summer projects and more at UW and beyond

There are so many ways to get involved, and Connected Learning wants to help you find that opportunity. This page provides lists of research scholarships, student awards for travel or projects, fellowships, information on local and national conferences, how to find summer projects and research and much more. Opportunities might be available through UW, other universities, or other organizations.

Research and Creative Projects Scholarships/Awards

There are many names for funding these types of projects including scholarships, grants, awards, and fellowships. Often, these awards will provide a monetary amount that can cover expenses to complete a project, cover time to do a valuable internship which you may not be able to do because you're working a busy job to pay bills, cover conference travel to present your research, or provide a paid opportunity to participate in a research project over the summer.

Check out some opportunities.

Conferences and Presentations

There are a few different ways you can participate in a conference or seminar series, and different ways attending one can benefit you. UW Bothell students have participating in many of the following:

  • Presented research, art, creative projects, or service projects at a symposium at the end of quarter or year to peers and academic community. Example: presenting at UW Undergraduate Research Symposium in May.
  • Recieved a scholarship and/or award to present their research at a discipline-specific conference. Example: receiving $500 to present a plant study with poster at the Society for Wetland Scientists conference.
  • Large discipline-specific organizations provide undergrad or pre-grad students to attend training or research conferences to increase interest and engagement.
  • There are large national research conferences focused on increasing student research participation, interest, and collaboration. These are great to present at or to attend.



Events Calendar

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