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Nursing and Health Studies at UW Bothell: A Focus on Latina Health

NHS is leading UWB’s commitment to becoming a “regionally accountable university” by orienting our historical commitment to social justice and health equity toward supporting the health and well being of our Latinx communities. We will do this by engaging our students, faculty and staff in partnership with a range of Latinx communities. In making this commitment, we acknowledge that the meanings of “Latinx,” “health” and “communities” are not fixed and open to negotiation. The region we hold ourselves most accountable to is the North Sound (north King, Snohomish and Skagit).

There are a number of justifications for this emphasis: Latinx communities are already one of our largest and fastest growing under represented populations and according to most analyses, suffer disproportionately from health inequities. There are important strengths in these communities that can facilitate our partnerships. Women are central to family decision making and access to health and health care; the many Latina-led organizations have a long history of local leadership and advocacy. This leadership capacity needs to be embraced and integrated into the health system and other resource decisions.


  1. To engage this focus as a particular method/high impact practice for deepened student learning. This work will engage students in all three of UWB’s distinctive methodologies: community engagement, connected learning and cross disciplinary practices
  2. Focus student recruitment/support to increase the percentage of students from Latinx communities in the North Sound region attending universities and pursuing health-oriented careers and build internal support to maximize retention, success and well-being on campus.
  3. Development of new courses and modalities (eg. Hybrid, on-line) to increase relevant content and access while integrating cross disciplinary perspectives into the students’ skill sets.
  4. Increasing concentration of student field work (clinicals, projects, etc) in partnership with agencies and organizations oriented toward improving Latina health and well being. By working in teams and with partners, students will deepen their learning through relationships.
  5. Maximizing existing and new collaborations with equity-focused and Latinx- inclusive organizations (e.g. with EVCC, Verdant, LCSNW) to mutually strengthen our capacity to support our initiative.
  6. Campus engagement: Although NHS is the organizing hub of this effort, we are committed to full partnership with all units within UWB.
  7. Develop and promote Latina health scholarship (CHW/promotoras, farmworker women, others) and fund projects through campus and private grants.

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