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Capstone opportunities at UW Bothell

A capstone experience allows partners to leverage the skills and knowledge of a University of Washington Bothell student. Capstones are:

  • Typically five to nine months in duration during a student’s senior year
  • A concentrated effort that allows the student to address a meaningful challenge
  • Provides the student with hands-on experience
  • Acts as a pipeline for access to talent

Computer Science and Software Engineering Capstone

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Software Engineering curriculum prepares students who can contribute to the entire software development ecosystem, including programming, systems integration, test, design, requirements definitions and analysis, project management, and technical communications.

For students: The capstone students gain an impressive resume of practical work experience. Read the capstone student-guide.

For employers: Find motivated, well-prepared students who excel as student employees and as future hires after graduation. Read more about being a partner


Janet McDaniel

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Electrical Engineering Capstone

The Electrical Engineering Capstone includes teams of 3 or 4 students working on projects supplied by our “client companies” as if we are a small consulting engineering group. Sponsoring a Capstone Project requires only a one-paragraph project proposal from the company and the name of a contact person who will be the technical mentor for the team. Unlike other programs, UW Bothell does not charge a fee to participate in our program. However, we do expect that the company will provide funds for fabrication and project materials.

For students: a concentrated capstone effort yields a greater depth of skills and knowledge, personal satisfaction due to successfully addressing an impactful problem, and a finished device or process that may be shared with family, friends and prospective employers. Read the Electrical Engineering FAQ.

For employers: To sponsor a team, fill out our project sponsor application


Dr. Arnold Berger

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Mechanical Engineering Capstone

Mechanical Engineering Capstone students design, develop, build, and test devices and/or processes that meet an impactful need. They deal with anything that can embody movement, from components to machines to the human body.

For students: The capstone projects target potentially impactful solutions to important problems. Read the Mechanical Engineering capstone's philosophy.

For employers: To sponsor a capstone, fill out our project sponsor application


Dr. Pierre D. Mourad

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Interactive Media Design (IMD) Capstone

IMD students create media products ranging from video and immersive artworks to web-based and platform-specific apps while working in collaboration with their peers and community partners. The IMD programs draws upon science, technology, engineering, mathematics and interdisciplinary arts and sciences theories.


Mark Kochanski or

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Restoration Ecology Network (REN) Capstone

The UW-Restoration Ecology Network (UW-REN) is a tri-campus program connecting interdisciplinary teams of students with community partners around the Puget Sound region in restoring ecological function to damaged landscapes.


Dr. Warren Gold 

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Impact stories


Firefighters can train in VR, save water


A virtual reality program developed by two Computer Science & Software Engineering majors might be used to train firefighters to run the water pump control panel on a fire engine, saving time, expense and water. Read more



Affordable flight instruction by remote control


Engineering and physics students have launched a five-year capstone project to build a remote-control air system to give student pilots in the Husky Aviation Club a less-expensive way to practice.

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