Outstanding Community-Engaged Scholar Award

Outstanding Community-Engaged Scholar Award

// Application deadline: Friday, March 18, 2022 by 5pm. 

Overview of award

The Outstanding Community-Engaged Scholar Award was created in 2020 by the Community Engagement Council. Given annually, the award recognizes impactful community-engaged scholarship by faculty at the University of Washington Bothell. UW Bothell defines community engagement as the collaboration between institutions of higher education and their larger communities (local, regional/state, national, global) for the mutually beneficial exchange of knowledge and resources in a context of partnership and reciprocity. 

This work may be short- or long- term, be undertaken with single or multiple partners, and should have been active within the past three years at UW Bothell. It may be focused on teaching and learning, research, creative work, policy, democratic participation, or community building. All faculty are eligible (tenured, tenure-track, full and part-time lecturers, artists-in-residents). 

Nominations may be made by faculty, staff, students, and community partners. We encourage faculty to self-nominate and apply - you do not need to be nominated by someone to apply. 

  • To nominate a faculty member, please complete this nomination form by Feburary 25 (provide name and email of nominee). The CBLR Office will email the faculty member letting them know they have been nominated and encourage them to apply. 
  • Application for nominee due Friday, March 18. 

Evidence for evaluation

Faculty will be asked to submit the following:

  1. Background Information: Name, title, school, email, number of years working at UW Bothell.
  2. Describe your community engaged scholarly work and the partnership(s). Word limit: 300
  3. Describe how the dimensions of your faculty scholarship (teaching, research or creative practice, and service) are integrated through campus and community engagement in ways that are mutually reinforcing. Word limit: 750
    • NOTE: reviewers take into consideration that different faculty roles have different expectations of these three dimensions, so integration may look very different and/or may not be present.  Need to have evidence of at least two of the three dimensions of your faculty role (teaching, research or creative practice, and service).  
  4. Describe how the dimensions of your community engaged scholarship align with the additional two 2020 UW Bothell strategic initiatives: Diversity & Equity and Cross-Disciplinary Teaching and Scholarship. Word limit: 300
  5. As your community-engaged scholarship develops, how does your community engagement practice enact the qualities of ​reciprocity and mutual respect, and what impact is it currently having and do you anticipate it having on any or all of the following. Check all that apply and 100-word limit on each:
    • Students
    • Community-based collaborators 
    • Broader communities
    • External institutions, systems, or policies
    • Intellectual contributions (e.g. impact on knowledge, theory, and practice) 
    • Institutionalization of community engagement at UW Bothell and/or in higher education 
    • UW Bothell unit/CAWGS/area/department (workshops, mentoring, etc.) 
    • Campus Mission, Values, and Goals around diversity and equity and/or community partners’ Mission, Values, and Goals around diversity and equity. 
  6. Submit name and email of one community partner who can offer a letter of support. CBLR Office will email community partner letting them know you've been nominated for this award and ask them for a letter of support (with template provided for partner). 
  7. Applicants may also submit up to three supporting materials (i.e. syllabi, conference abstract, article, partner newsletter, flyer, another letter of support from student or colleague, etc.). 
  8. Submit your CV documenting exemplary community engaged scholarship within teaching, research, and/or service portfolio. 

The above questions are meant to support the evaluation of this award in addition to supporting faculty in the documentation of their community engagement scholarship for their academic portfolio.

Award criteria

  • Strong and productive working relationship with community partners; and/or evidence of building that relationship over time
  • Strong evidence of community engagement integrated within at least two of the three dimensions of scholarship (teaching, research or creative practice, and service)
  • Alignment with UW Bothell's Strategic Initiatives: Campus and Community Engagement, Diversity & Equity, and Cross Disciplinary Teaching and Scholarship
  • Qualities of ​reciprocity and mutual respect
  • Commnuity engagement scholarship has impact and/or potential for impact  
  • At least three years working at UW Bothell prior to nomination

Selection and recognition

Award recipients will be selected by a committee managed by the Community Engagement Council using the award criteria above. View the rubric the review committee uses to evaluate applications. The committee will include a student, faculty, staff, and community partner.  Award recipient will be recognized at Academic Affairs spring faculty recognition and spring commencement.  Award winners serve as role models to other faculty on campus, and will be asked to serve as a resource for other faculty and the campus community. Award recipient will be asked to participate in the spring Community Partnership Appreciation Luncheon.

Recognition: one annual award of $2,000

Timeline of award

Award announced: February 2022

Nomination deadline: March 18, 2022

Selection: April 2022

For more information, contact Kara Adams (caseykl@uw.edu)