Information assurance and cyber research

students climbing chairsCIAC partners with academia, industry, and government to research innovations in cyber defense technologies, operations, education, and policies.  

Many professors include undergraduates in their current research, resulting in excellent publications and projects at the student level.

Research labs

The University of Washington is dedicated to providing excellent labs that provide hands on learning and a place to master technical problem solving.

UW Bothell

uw-icons-lightbulb.pngAdvanced Projects Lab (UW1-302): available for graduate and faculty research projects and team collaboration. The lab consists primarily of dedicated machines purchased through faculty research grants.


uw-icons-squares.pngWindows Lab (UW1-310): This is a drop-in laboratory that serves all CSS courses that require Windows software and to accommodate software, multimedia, and gaming development using Windows-based tools


uw-icons-monitor.pngLinux Lab (UW1-320): The CSS Linux Laboratory provides on-site and remote access to desktop and cluster Linux computing. There is also an e-podium which is used for seminars, tutorials, demonstrations, group design reviews, and social activities sponsored by student organizations.


uw-icons-shield.pngCyberSecurity Lab (UW1-321a): available to support cybersecurity courses at both the undergraduate and graduate level. The lab also provides a meeting and learning space for the UW Bothell chapter of OWASP and the Gray Hats Cybersecurity Club.

uw-icons-gears.pngEmbedded Systems and Networking Lab (UW1-321b): supports courses, course laboratory sections, and undergraduate research projects within CSS programs. The heart of the embedded systems lab is seven experimental stations that accommodate two students each.


UW Seattle

uw-icons-lock.pngCSE Security and Privacy Research Lab: pursues high-impact, innovative, and exciting computer security research.  Research interests include security and privacy for embedded and cyber-physical systems, Web security, mobile device security, security and software engineering, operating system security, network security, anonymity, censorship, human-computer interaction and security, security education, and many other topics.


robot.JPGTech Policy Lab: a unique, interdisciplinary collaboration at the University of Washington that aims to enhance technology policy through research, education, and thought leadership. The Tech Policy Lab brings together experts from the University’s School of Law, Information School, Computer Science & Engineering, and other units on campus.



Applied Physics Lab: Graduate and undergraduate student researchers are welcomed to pursue research at APL who supports them with individual grants and contracts of APL-UW scientists and engineers. Graduate students are matched with skilled researchers for leadership roles in field and lab programs.


uw-icons-flag.pngView student clubs and competition teams:
Gray Hats, OWASP, Batman's Kitchen.  Find out how you can get involved.


Academic journals & conferences

IJBSC-logo.JPGInternational Journal of Business & Cyber Security (IJBCS)
IJBCS is a scholarly and refereed journal that provides an authoritative source of information for scholars, academicians, policy makers and professionals regarding business and cyber security. It is peer reviewed journal that is published twice a year. 


CSEET.jpgConference on Software Engineering Education and Training
A conference for software engineering educators worldwide.


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