Cybersecurity cooperative learning program

T-Mobile & UW Bothell co-op program

CIAC continues its partnership with T-Mobile USA on a co-operative learning program established in 2017. Since its inception 32 UW Bothell students have participated in the program.

The co-operative learning program consists of three integrated components:

  1. The ISRM certificate courses.  One course in Autumn, Winter and Spring quarters.
  2. A paid internship at T-Mobile Cybersecurity for a capstone experience.  Minimum half-time in two quarters.
  3. A professional seminar with the cohort, to study the personal and team aspects of this experience.

The cooperative learning program is designed as an integrated experience.  Twelve students are expected to commit for all of the elements from October to June.  The students will participate in the cooperative learning program as a cohort, to strengthen their team skills and professional networks.  The cohort will also serve as a peer group to enhance the students’ learning and to provide support around personal, academic, or professional challenges.

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