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Welcome to the CIAC Alumni-Community Page

This page provides alumni and memers of the broader community of the Center for Information Assurance and Cybersecurity (CIAC) with CIAC news and updates about programs and opportunities across the community.


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What is the CIAC Community?

CIAC started as an academic center at the University of Washington, and has grown into a global community.  

It is a community of activity in research and development creativity, collaboration, and innovation involving academic, commercial and governmental organizations.  All of these organizations are working, each in their own way, to research, organize and operate hybrid systems of technology and policy to improve performance of systems for cybersecurity, information network reliability, data privacy, identity integrity, interaction risk mitigation, and related challenges.  

CIAC is defined by you, the members of the CIAC Community.  Your goals, aspirations and needs help to inform and define CIAC future programs and aspirations.  This page helps us all to stay informed about our fellow CIAC community members successes and challenges, so that we can all continue to grow together to the benefit of the advancement of cybersecurity and the mitigation of stakeholder risks.  

This page is intended as a peer-to-peer resource for CIAC Community members to share information and stories for the mutual benefit of all CIAC members.  

We have big plans for the Alumni/Community Page. 

Watch this space in the future for useful information and features, including:

CIAC Program News

  • CIAC Program Announcements and Updates: information about CIAC programs of interest to CIAC alumni and other CIAC Community Members

CIAC Community News and Opportunities

  • Alumni News: CIAC program alumni stories and profiles
  • Staying Connected:
  • New ways to stay connected with CIAC and other community members
  • Opportunities for your company or organization to get more involved in CIAC
  • Announcements of conferences and seminars of potential interest to CIAC alumni and community members
  • Notices of new initiatives and partnerships being formed that are looking for participants from among CIAC community members
  • New ways that you and your organization can become more involved in the CIAC community by participating in and supporting new and growing CIAC programs and initiatives.

CIAC Workforce and Professional Development

  • Postings of job openings by members of the CIAC community
  • Postings by members of the CIAC community who are available to help your organization
  • Notices of job fairs and networking events
  • Information about trends and resources for Cybersecurity professionalization