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The University of Washington tri-campus cybersecurity efforts include real world experience for all students through capture-the-flag teams and active chapter's of ACM & OWASP.

UW Bothell

Association for Computing Machinery

UW Bothell Association for Computing Machinery's mission is to promote the advancement of technological awareness and provide educational opportunities for students of the University of Washington, Bothell campus.

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Gray Hats

GHBlkCircleWhtText(2).pngGray Hats is a cybersecurity club for undergraduate students who want to learn more about technical issues in cybersecurity at UW Bothell. Compete in Capture-The-Flag (CTF) competitions sponsored by Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft, walk through hacking assessments as a group in order to learn from other club member strengths, and use specialized technical equipment in order to increase understanding of current technological trends (i.e. Stingray). Also, we will discuss new technologies in white papers and interpret the benefits and drawbacks of the technology.

No experience is needed.  There are plenty of opportunities for education at all skill levels within a variety of technical cyber-related issues.

Meeting location & time
  • Location : UW1 321A, Cyber Security Computer Lab
  • Time: Friday's at 3pm
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owasp-550.pngOWASP is a professional association of global members and is open to anyone interested in learning more about software security. The UW Bothell OWASP Chapter aims to be an educational resource for the community, emphasizing collaboration with other technology and security organizations. Cyber Security Engineering graduate students are encouraged to participate.

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Faculty Advisor: Geetha Thamilarasu:

OWASP Bothell Chapter webpage

UW Seattle

Batman's Kitchen, UW Capture-the-Flag Team

BKphoto.jpgBatman's Kitchen is a UW Capture-the-Flag (CTF) team. CTF is a computer security competition. Common topics include web exploitation, reverse engineering, forensics, and more. They compete in CTF competitions locally and internationally and hold regular meet-ups at the University to practice breaking/hacking vulnerabilites and learn about computer security topics. No experience is needed.  There are plenty of opportunities for education at all skill levels within a variety of technical cyber-related issues. 

Periodically, there will be speakers from the local industry to highlight emerging topics in cybersecurity. Sign up for the mailing list for updates to agenda, meeting time & place.

Meeting location & time
  • Location: UW CSE 203
  • Time: Wednesdays at 6PM
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Video: Interview with Batman's Kitchen

UW Tacoma

Greyhat Group

We research all aspects of computer security, including network security and information assurance, and to share that information with the regional community. The group is organized by Institute of Technology students, but is open to all students with an interest in security.

Grey Hat Group identifies 5 primary areas of academic pursuit:

  • Technical and logical vulnerabilities associated with computer networks
  • Technical and logical vulnerabilites associated with artificial applications
  • Mechanical Security (Lockpicking)
  • Hardware hacking (applied robotics) 
  • Social Engineering
Meeting time & location
  • Cherry Parkes 206H (Information Assurance Lab)
  • 12:30 - 1:30pm every Monday and and Thursday
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