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UW Training Provided by Office of CISO 

The Office of the Chief Information Security Officer’s assumption of breach methodology is a practical approach that supports the University by balancing risks and creating “situational awareness” about critical information assets and sophisticated cyberattacks. It challenges traditional security and privacy practices by focusing on real conditions and by helping us adapt priorities and resources in a way that addresses due care for potential institutional liabilities and compliance obligations. The office of CISO website provides the following resources and training:

  • Confidential Data Risk Guide Overview and Training
  • Data Security and Privacy Agreement (DSPA) training 
  • Data Security and Privacy Agreement (DSPA) Flow chart
  • External Data Sharing Overview 
  • Internal Data Sharing Overview (includes System Description, Data Flow Diagram, and Memorandum of Understanding)
  • Phishing Poster infographic 
  • Phishing training page and pdf 
  • Phishing training video, 10-15 minutes 
  • Risk Advisories Trainingbest practices (covers: Smart Computing, Multifunction devices, phishing, secure disposal of computers and devices, Smartphone configuration, social media, tips for travelling, update and patch, web browsing, whole disk encryption, working remotely, “heartbleed”, critical vulnerability in open SSL)
  • Risk Management Security Plan and Data Sharing resources 
  • Security Plan (webpage and pdf)
  • Security and Privacy laws and regulations. See list.
  • Whole disk Encryption Risk Advisory
  • Report an Incident page


UW Bothell Training and Education

  • Report an Incident page



Kirk Bailey
Associate Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer

Email: ciso@uw.edu
Website: ciso.uw.edu
Phone: 206-685-5475
UW Mailbox: 359530


UW Bothell

Joseph DeLeon
Director of IT Risk and Security

Department: Information Technologies
Email: jzdeleon@uw.edu
Website: uwb.edu/it/cybersecurity
Phone: 425-352-3325
UW Mailbox: 358540

Organization Chart 

UW's organization chart demonstrates support for cyber security at the highest levels. View chart.  


In the News:

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