CIAC Approach

Cybersecurity as a System

cys-flow.JPGCIAC views security as an organizational system.  Technology is an important component of the system, but there are many other components as well.  The most effective cybersecurity professionals will diagnose events, communicate, and respond at the system level.

The events and the responses often cross organizational boundaries.  Operations have to flow smoothly up and down within an organization, and they also travel through professional networks across the region or sector, supply chain, or governing authority.  

Cybersecurity operations are inherently multidisciplinary and continually evolving. 





An adaptive model for cybersecurity training

If we are to train cybersecurity professionals to work effectively in the evolving operational systems, our courses must also evolve.  At CIAC we design our programs with this in mind.  Our courses are developed within a pedagogical model that incorporates ongoing feedback from the socio-technical cultural context and from the needs of practitioners.


This model has enabled us to produce a series of highly ranked programs.  Each time a course is offered, the objective is to advance the readiness of our students to respond to the cyber events seen across our region and across the nation today.