Strategic Planning Team

Strategic Planning Team

Steering Committee Members

Focuses on process, logistics, and communications

  • Ed Buendia, Dean, School of Educational Studies, co-chair (dean, SES, CE Council; Diversity Council)
  • Gowri Shankar, Interim Vice Chancellor, Planning & Administration, co-chair (staff, VC)
  • Shugla Kakar, Vice President, ASUWB (student, ASUWB, STEM)
  • Sarah Leadley, Director, UW Bothell/Cascadia College Library; Associate Dean, University Libraries (librarian)
  • Pierre Mourad, Professor, Division of Engineering & Mathematics, School of STEM (faculty, senator)

Broader Planning Team (also includes Steering members) 

Reviews data, seeks input from stakeholders, drafts plan, vets plan

  • Jennifer Atkinson, Lecturer, School of IAS (faculty, FYPP, IAS)
  • Beth Beam, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Organizational Excellence & Human Resources (staff, AVC, OEHR)
  • Emily Christian, Interim Dean, Student Affairs (staff, director, GSO)
  • Gregg Dawson, Student (student, STEM/EE)
  • Rita Johnson, Administrator, School of Nursing & Health Studies (staff, administrator, NHS, CACES)
  • Deanna Kennedy, Associate Professor, School of Business; 2018-19 Chair, Community Engagement Council (faculty, Business, 2018-19 CE Council)
  • Sean Marsh, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Alumni Engagement & Philanthropy (staff, AVC, alumni liaison)
  • Mim Phillips, Director, Center for International Education, Enrollment Management (staff, DEM/CIE)
  • Chris Wade, Associate Professor, School of Nursing & Health Studies (faculty, NHS)
  • Linda Watts, Chair, General Faculty Organization; Professor, School of IAS (faculty, IAS, GFO, 2018-19 CCPB)

Staff Support

Helps with data collection, analysis, communications, and project management

  • Marie Blakey, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Marketing & Communications; Communications Liaison
  • Lenina Arenas-Fuentes, Senior Executive Assistant to the Chancellor; Chancellor’s Liaison
  • Adrian Sinkler, Interim Director, Institutional Research; Decision Support/IR
  • Steve Walline, Planning Analyst, Institutional Planning & Budget; Budget Support
  • Sheri Willis, Organizational Development Specialist, Organizational Excellence & Human Resources; Facilitator