Chancellor's Leadership Council

Chancellor’s Leadership Council

Established in October 2015 to advise the Chancellor on a wide range of key strategic matters, the CLC includes all members of the Chancellor’s Executive Team plus the leaders of the Council of Academic Deans, the General Staff and Faculty Organizations, and the Associated Students of the University of Washington Bothell.

2021-22 Members

  • Kristin G. Esterberg, Chancellor
  • Lenina Arenas-Fuentes, Chief of Staff
  • Rebecca Ehrlichman Blume, Vice Chancellor, Advancement
  • Scott James, Vice Chancellor, Enrollment Management & Student Affairs
  • Sharon Jones, Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs
  • Sandeep Krishnamurthy , Chair, Council of Academic Deans; Dean, School of Business"
  • Ryan McIrvin, Chair, General Staff Organization; Director, Government and Community Relations
  • Jason Naranjo, Chair, General Faculty Organization; Associate Teaching Professor, SES"
  • Gowri Shankar, Vice Chancellor, Planning & Administration
  • Reese Sherman, Director of Government Relations, Associated Students of the University of Washington Bothell
  • Caroline Titan, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
*updated 4/1/22